Celebrating Organic Wine Week!

3 September 2019

We’d love to tell you that you can drink as much organic wine as you like and not get a hangover but, being fans of the truth, sadly we can’t do that (although anecdotal evidence suggests that the effects may be less severe)...

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2 September 2019

All Commonsense stores will be closing their doors between 11am-2pm on 27th September to allow staff to attend the Global Climate Strike, a movement led by students demanding urgent action on climate change...

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Bee Aware: How you can Help our Bees thrive

30 August 2019

Bees are an extremely important and fragile element of our ecosystem. At least one third of our food depends on honey bees for pollination and it is estimated that the economic value of honey bees in New Zealand is over $5 billion per annum...

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Fair Trade Kindness Cookies!

31 July 2019

These dark chocolate and banana cookies have a cake-like texture and are a hit with the whole family. Best of all they are wholly organic and made with as many certified Fair Trade products that we could find! The perfect treat if you're hosting a Fair Trade coffee break this.....

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Fair Trade – A Commonsense Cornerstone

31 July 2019

Fair Trade is one of our cornerstone values at Commonsense and we are proud to carry the widest selection of Fair Trade food in the country...

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Wellington Good Food Boost 2019

2 July 2019

The Wellington Good Food Boost 2019 is a free six-week mentoring programme, run in partnership with the Sustainable Business Network and Wellington City Council. It’s designed to support fledgling ‘good food’ businesses who focus on local, seasonal or organic produce, and work to support environmental and social good in their.....

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Hearty Vegetable Soup with Beetroot Flatbreads

4 June 2019

Through the winter months we eat soup often. Having a pre-made soup mix on hand means a hearty dinner is never far away. When the cool weather arrives I make up a large jar of soup mix – consisting of equal parts brown or green lentils, brown rice and quinoa.....

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The Plastic Problem: Our Commonsense Packaging Journey

1 June 2019

Our ultimate aim at Commonsense is to keep all our packaging out of the landfill and to ensure it is part of a circular economy by being reused, home composted or genuinely recycled. This includes packaging of products that we sell to customers and packaging that we generate in the.....

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Winter Wellness: Turmeric Mānuka Tonic Recipe

25 May 2019

Embrace winter with this enlivening tonic packed full of organic ingredients which will assist you in fighting off the winter ills this season. This simple drink contains anti-inflammatory turmeric mixed with warming ginger, antibacterial Mānuka honey and Vitamin C-rich lemons...

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Nicola Galloway's Millet Pilaf with Baked Meatballs & Parsley Salsa Verde

5 May 2019

Cooking for a family I am always looking for ways to extend meals, add extra nutrition, and ideally have leftovers for lunchboxes the next day. In this meal, I add grated vegetables to the meatballs and bake them while preparing the rest of the meal...

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Sylvie's Story: The Birth of Toxic Free Nail Polish

3 May 2019

When SCOUT Cosmetics founder Sylvie Hutchings wanted to find effective, natural, and organic cosmetics that also delivered on performance she found very little that lived up to her high standards. Sylvie is not someone inclined to give up, so she set out to create the types of products she would.....

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Peter Robson - Common Property

19 April 2019

Peter Robson grows the tastiest strawberries in the country – he's such a skilled grower he has been known to supply us with the delicious red berries as late as July! Peter lives in the farmhouse at Common Property: for most of his working life he has been involved in.....

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