2 November 2020


CaliWoods is a small company with a big mission to inspire people to create more sustainable lifestyles by creating alternatives to disposable, single use items and other plastic products. Founder, Shay Lawrence, set up CaliWoods in 2016 having returned to NZ after traveling to some of the most isolated parts of the ocean.

“Seeing pretty disgusting amounts of plastic pollution in places that were otherwise so beautiful, so pristine, motivated me to really put all my energy and time into creating some change.” 

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Starting with a gazebo at the Sunday markets, Shay would passionately explain to anyone who would listen why they definitely needed a reusable straw in their life! Fast forward a few years and CaliWoods now offer a large range of eco products for home and lifestyle.

Much like Commonsense, Shy believes that business has an important part to play in creating the change needed in the world right now in order to achieve a sustainable future. And driven by purpose rather than profit means that she isn't afraid to get political and stand up for what she thinks is right! They also have a strong focus on education in the sustainability space and have reached over 200,000 Kiwis in the 2019-2020 period. So far, CaliWoods products have replaced the need for over 1 million pieces of plastic!

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CaliWoods encourages all comers to take steps towards a less wasteful lifestyle and stresses the need for us all to do our bit. 

“Having stores in the community like Commonsense increases availability of organic, fair trade and more sustainable items as well as supporting hundreds of other kiwi businesses who are also trying to do good things.” 

Shay firmly believes that real change relies on everyone working on their little piece of the puzzle, in their own community for it all to come together. And she loves the challenge of staying relevant and up to date with what customers are needing in the eco products space. We can’t wait to see what she comes up with next!