We deliver fresh produce locally from our Wellington City store on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and from our Mt Eden store on Tuesday, and Thursday. We deliver non-perishables nationwide. Please don't order perishable items when ordering for delivery outside our local delivery zones.

This page is designed to answer any questions you may have about our online store and delivery service. If your questions remain unanswered please feel free to get in touch - we’re always happy to help. You can email us: at [email protected] or phone us 04-3843314 - extension 5.

Orders purchased through our online store are sorted and dispatched according to region. We deliver in our own electric delivery van in Wellington and all other orders are sent with courier (either from Wellington or Auckland) across New Zealand. We do not ship internationally.


Our Delivery Service

Please note, we do not offer a refrigerated service.

Wellington orders

Our Wellington service times are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Local orders are delivered in our own delivery vehicle generally in line with the following schedule (these times are approximate only and not guaranteed):

9:30 am – 12pm: Central Wellington (CBD), Te Aro, Aro Valley, Karori, Kelburn

11pm – 2pm:  Mt. Cook and below to the southern bays and eastwards to Miramar and surrounding peninsula  

2pm – 6pm:  Northland, Thorndon and above to Porirua (up to Plimmerton) and Lower Hutt (up to Stokes Valley) are serviced in the early afternoon to early evening.

Orders outside these areas are sent by courier and delivery times vary.

Auckland Orders

Auckland deliveries are sent out on Tuesday and Thursday from our Mt Eden Store via courier.


Nationwide deliveries are sent via courier and delivery times vary.

We do not recommend that you order perishable items as we cannot guarantee that they will arrive in good order when delivered outside our local delivery zones.

Deliveries via courier can be unpredictable, and therefore we recommend placing your order early in the week to ensure that things leave our store with plenty of travel time before the weekend.

When should I place my order?

Please submit an order 24 hours before intended dispatch. This means for Wellington orders we recommend you get your order in by 10am Sunday (for Monday delivery), 10am Tuesday (for Wednesday delivery) and 10am Thursday (for Friday delivery). In Auckland the same principle applies but the delivery days are Tuesday and Thursday.

Please note that this does not guarantee your delivery on these days, particularly when our delivery service is overwhelmed with orders, but ordinarily your order will be processed in line with this timeframe.

We do not deliver on public holidays.

Perishable items

We do not offer a refrigerated service but can provide chilled and frozen goods via our local delivery service in Wellington and same day couriers in Auckland. For long range orders that are being couriered we do not recommend that perishable items are included in your order, particularly chilled and frozen items, as we cannot guarantee their condition on delivery.

If you are unsure if your order will be sent with courier, feel free to email us for clarification: [email protected]

Click and Collect

Click and Collect is available in all our stores. When you place an order online you’ll have the option to choose pick up in store.

Each store has a different process for click and collect orders so if you have any queries please contact the store you are ordering from.

If you order from Commonsense Tory St and would like to pick up your order at a certain time you may specify this in the order notes and we'll try our best to have it ready at this time. We usually have up to 24hr turn-around on weekday click and collect orders unless it's especially busy.

You will be contacted when your order is ready.

All click and collect orders will be kept chilled in our warehouse refrigerators. To collect, simply come on in store and let any of our staff know you’re here to collect an order. You’ve already paid, so there’s no need to wait in line.

Fees and Charges

  • Wellington, Porirua (to Plimmerton) & Lower Hutt (to Stokes Valley) - $14.00
  • Auckland City - $15.50
  • Rest of NZ - $25.00 (per large box less than 25kg).
  • Rural delivery – extra $6.00
  • Express pack – if we can fit a small item in an express pack this will just be a $10.00 charge.
  • Click and collect - $5.00

Standing Orders (Now online!)

We offer standing orders and this service is not just limited to our popular fresh produce boxes. We have many customers who get their essential groceries delivered weekly or fortnightly on a regular standing order. Through the website you can create a tailored standing order for almost anything that we stock in-store.

After creating a cart please take a look at the standing order section at the online checkout. If you require assistance or get stuck please send us an email, or call us on (04) 3843314 - extension 5.


Where can I find the option to edit my orders?

To edit your orders, please follow these steps:

- Visit our store website.

- Click on "Shop" in the navigation menu.

- Select "Login" to access your account.

- Once logged in, navigate to "My Account" or your account dashboard.

- Locate the order you would like to change and click “View”.

How can I pause my orders?

You can pause your orders by checking your order status. If it is indicated as "Active," you can choose to pause it. Remember to resume your orders before 9am on the day prior to the designated order day.

How do I edit my orders?

To make changes to your orders, simply edit your cart. The changes will be automatically saved. However, please ensure that any modifications are made before 9am on the day before the order day.

What happens if my orders fail?

If your order is missing important details or if the payment fails, it will not be processed. Additionally, orders without a valid starting date or with expired/invalid payment information will not go through.

Can I change the designated delivery day?

Yes, you can change the starting day of your orders. Simply select a different starting day on the edit checkout page to update the order schedule.

Will I be notified if my order fails for any reason?

Unless we identify the failure in time, you will not receive a notification if your order fails for any reason. We strive to ensure all orders are successful, but it is recommended to check your order status regularly.

Are there any restrictions on what I can change in my order?

As long as the items you wish to change are available in our store and within the designated order day, you should be able to modify them accordingly. However, please note that certain limitations or restrictions may apply based on product availability, or any specific terms associated with your order.

Is there a deadline to edit my orders?

Yes, please note that there is a deadline for editing orders. It is recommended to make any changes before 9am on the day prior to the designated order day. This ensures that your modifications are properly processed.

What should I do if I encounter any issues while editing my order?

If you encounter any issues or have questions while editing your order, we recommend contacting the store who you order from or sending an email to [email protected]. We will try to get back to you as quickly as possible.

Special Requests and Gifts

There is a notes section at checkout that will let you include anything you’d like. Please use that space for any kind of gift-note, dietary restrictions, delivery specifics, or any other special request.

If you’ve mistakenly left anything out, feel free to send an email to deliverie[email protected]

Unavailable Items

We try and get all orders out the door as quickly as possible, but many factors may affect this and we will try and communicate with you if there is likely to be a delay on receiving your order.  

Due to the organic nature of our stock fresh produce may be out of season and imported goods may be unavailable. Please choose ‘substitute’ or ‘do not substitute’ on the Check Out page if you would like us to substitute items with similar types of products or different variations within the same product range.

Some of our products come from overseas, and unfortunately lots of things can slow or even stall them from appearing on our shelves. Even when we get rough ETAs from our suppliers, there is never a way to be absolutely sure about availability.

If we do not pack an item you’ve requested you will not be charged for it. If you would like to receive them at another date, you will have to place another order.

My bank statement shows incorrect charges

We never charge twice for your online orders however depending on your bank, it sometimes looks as though there are two charges which relates to the way online shopping works.

When you submit your order on our website your bank will put a temporary ‘hold’ on the funds necessary to process your order. When we are ready to dispatch your order we will then process the payment, either by accepting the full hold amount or, if we are unable to complete your full order we may process a partial payment up to the full amount on ‘hold’. We are unable to increase the amount, for example if we were to substitute an item for something of greater value as the system only allows us to release funds, not to increase the amount held.

There is also no way for us to charge you twice from an online order because we use a third-party encrypted service that allows only one transaction per order.

Depending on your bank both the ‘hold’ and the final payment can appear on your statement at the same time which can look like there are two transactions. This is usually resolved within a 48 timeframe or less with the ‘hold’ amount simply disappearing from your statement leaving the final payment only.

For more information on authorisation holds please follow this link.

Otherwise, if you think we've made an error with your order, please feel free to email at deliverie[email protected]

Cancelling your Order

In the event that you’d like your order cancelled for any reason, please let us know as soon as possible by emailing with  “Cancel Order” in the subject at:  [email protected]

Please note that:

  • cancellations are not possible after dispatch of your order and
  • once the order has been packed a cancelled order will incur a $10 restocking fee.

Using Gift Vouchers Online

When you order a gift voucher online these are sent via email and can be redeemed in any of our stores or online. As they operate much like cash, gift vouchers cannot be replaced if lost, stolen or defaced so please take care with your voucher.

They will also expire within 3 years of the purchase date so why not start shopping now!

Here is a guide to know what information to enter when using your gift voucher to purchase goods from our online store. 



Carbon Zero

Our business is certified Carbon-Zero.

All orders in Wellington City are delivered by our electric van, and are carbon-neutral as we offset all our emissions in a scheme certified by Ekos.

Recycled Packaging

Orders are packed in recycled cardboard boxes with newsprint wrapping where necessary.  We encourage customers in Wellington City to leave the cardboard box out when the next delivery is due so we can collect and re-use it.

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

By placing an order with Commonsense, you are indicating that you have read and understood these terms and conditions as set out on this page. They represent the contractual terms between us governing any online transaction and are legally binding. We reserve the right to refuse or cancel a delivery at any time.