June 7, 2023 at 2:36 PM


Weleda are pioneers of the world’s largest manufacturer of certified natural organic skincare and anthroposophic medicine.
The way they work is deeply rooted in anthroposophy, and still to this day, align to Steiner’s philosophy regarding interrelations between nature and the human being. An example of this is the unique leadplant principle we use.
We do not buy ingredients from the open market, instead, we grow our ingredients biodynamically, organically or certified wild collection, on 250km2 of Weleda managed land including right here in our New Zealand gardens in Havelock North. Everywhere we grow or source our natural ingredient from, we invest back into those local communities, into their schooling and infrastructure.


Commonsense has proudly stocked Weleda 100% natural, organic herbal remedies and skin care products for the past 20 years. Here are some of our best-selling products from Weleda:

  1. Skin Food – Weleda’s multi-award winning Skin Food! For over 90 years Skin Food has been the trusted and effective solution for dry and rough skin. Use on faces, elbows, hands and feet. It smells amazing!

  2. Skin Food Body Butter – A body butter version of Weleda’s famous Skin Food formula, with a vegan-friendly formula

  3. 24hr citrus roll-on Deodorant –convenient roll-on deodorant, without aluminium salts and all natural essential oils. The formula provides 24h reliable protection from body odours without blocking the pores so that the skin’s regulating functions are maintained. Weleda deodorants are Natrue certified and dermatologically tested for skin tolerance.

  4. Arnica Cream 36ml – Arnica is an effective pain relief for muscle aches, sprains and bruises. It reduces pain and inflammation from injuries, over-exertion, and supports the healing process. Arnica is a perennial herb that looks similar to a daisy. Arnica is one of the most popular healing herbs in homeopathy and has been for centuries.

  5. 24hr men’s roll-on Deodorant - An Easy to apply roll-on deodorant with natural essential oils. Made with no aluminium salts, no synthetic preservatives or fragrances, with no blocking of pores

Can you tell us some background about your business?

Weleda was founded in 1921 by Rudolf Steiner, a philosopher and Austrian scientist, and Ita Wegman, a medical doctor. Based on Steiner's principles of biodynamic farming and anthroposophic medicine, which emphasize the holistic approach to health and well-being, we harness the connections between nature and the human body, mind and spirit to support and restore the body’s own natural balance.


Can you tell us how the values of your business drive the decisions you make?

Conducting business in harmony with nature and people – as a pioneer of sustainability, Weleda has followed this trailblazing approach for 100 years. Our ethical business principles have been recognised with numerous prestigious awards, such as the German Sustainability Award, as well as many certifications for our products and business practices. Since 2011, Weleda has been a member of the Union for Ethical BioTrade (UEBT) and in 2018 became one of the first companies worldwide to bear the UEBT label “Sourcing with Respect”. UEBT offers a globally recognised certification system ensuring the ethical sourcing of natural ingredients, guaranteeing that the cultivation, harvesting and processing of raw materials conserve biodiversity and make sustainable use of natural resources.

Most recently in 2021 Weleda became a certified B Corp, making us part of an international movement of companies that do business in a meaningful way, with high standards and values anchored in their corporate bylaws.

We dare to care and strive to make the world a better place for people and the planet, whether it’s through fair trade, biodynamic cultivation, or responsible use of environmental resources — sustainability is part of our roots and our future.


How does your business fit within or contribute to your local community?

As always, at Weleda our focus starts with People. Over many years we have been fundraising for several great New Zealand charities like KidsCan and Trees That Count.

In addition to that, last year we decided to focus on Soil as part of a global campaign to “save earth skin”. Our commitment to soil is at the heart of all our ingredient sourcing because it is the key to thriving ecosystems. Without healthy soils, we cannot tackle the crisis facing nature today. That is why we teamed up with Garden to Table, an amazing charitable organisation that is educating our tamariki in schools about connection to the land, health and wellbeing through hands-on experience in the garden, growing their own food and learning to cook great food.

We worked with them to create educational resources which will be used to teach children the importance of good soil health, how to build nutrient dense soils in their gardens and the positive impact looking after our soil can have on climate mitigation.

“To care about something, you have to have a relationship with it”. This partnership is all about building the relationship between the next generation and soil.

What have the challenges been and how have you overcome them?

Over our 100-year history we have faced many challenges. The principles on which Weleda was founded are now more accepted but sadly greenwashing is still a big problem in our industry. Certifications and responsible retailers, such as Commonsense, are guiding consumers choices and helps us to communicate our high standards and philosophy.

As a business, we know this is our responsibility to act in a way that is socially responsible, ecologically sound and economically successful. When we communicate our values and practices it makes us stronger and helps consumers make better choices for themselves and the environment.


In the foothills of Te Mata Peak, Weleda has been producing natural medicines in New Zealand since 1955.