Café Style Creamy Mushrooms

May 30, 2023 at 3:25 PM

Creamy mushrooms on toast is a classic option that is hard to go past when out for weekend brunch and now it's easy to recreate this savoury dish at home too! We've made it café style here but you can also pair it with thick cut noodles, rice or potatoes and you've got yourself a mushroom stroganoff. Whichever meal occasion you opt for the result is the same - thick and creamy deliciousness!


Source all ingredients organically where possible for best results!


In a large pot or pan, heat 1 tablespoon oil on a medium-low heat. Add the onion and garlic, cook for about 5 minutes until soft. Add both types of paprika and cook for a further couple of minutes, stirring frequently. Tip the onions into a small bowl and set aside.

Add the remaining oil to the pan together with a generous blob of butter, and fry the mushrooms on a high heat for about 5 minutes until golden brown all over.

Return the onions to the pan, add the wine and reduce by a third.

Turn down the heat and add the mustard and stock and season to taste. Simmer gently for another few minutes, then stir in the crème fraiche (or sour cream). Add the zest of the lemon and a squeeze of lemon juice to taste.

Serve for brunch (or lunch or dinner!) on top of thickly cut sourdough bread sprinkled with parsley.