Nicola Galloway's Baked Root Vege Rosti with Fennel Salt and Avocado Green ‘Mayo’

24 September 2019

I firmly believe if you have a handful of flavoursome condiments at your disposal you can lift a meal to new heights with little effort. Some of my favourites include green sauces such as pesto or salsa verde, seasonal sauerkraut and a range of dressings and sauces...

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Fair Trade Kindness Cookies!

31 July 2019

These dark chocolate and banana cookies have a cake-like texture and are a hit with the whole family. Best of all they are wholly organic and made with as many certified Fair Trade products that we could find! The perfect treat if you're hosting a Fair Trade coffee break this.....

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Hearty Vegetable Soup with Beetroot Flatbreads

4 June 2019

Through the winter months we eat soup often. Having a pre-made soup mix on hand means a hearty dinner is never far away. When the cool weather arrives I make up a large jar of soup mix – consisting of equal parts brown or green lentils, brown rice and quinoa.....

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True Earth - Commitment to Quality

16 April 2019

True Earth is an organic family farm run by Scott Lawson and Vicki Meech, situated in the sunny Hawkes Bay province. Described as ‘the fruit bowl of New Zealand’ the area is known for its highly productive soils and clean water in the rivers and aquifers...

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Motherhood and Commonsense

3 May 2018

Mothers are at the heart of what we do here. Our business was co-founded by pioneer and mother, Marion Wood. The reason it began as an organic business was because of the influence of Marion’s mother, Frances, who insisted they farmed using organic practices...

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Plastic-Free Bars - The Ethique-al Choice

2 May 2018

Christchurch based Ethique (pronounced Eh-tique) began life as a young, fledgling business looking to provide healthier, more sustainable soaps and shampoos to the people of New Zealand. After some development and a highly successful campaign on, these low-waste, eco-friendly, cruelty-free bars have taken the country by storm...

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Uncommon fruits and the best ways to eat them

2 May 2018

As Autumn sets in, we are reaching a time of abundance in some classic fruits – apples, pears, limes and kiwis. But the month of May also brings with it some lesser known fruits – Quince, persimmons and tamarillos. ..

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New Zealand's first national Organic Week!

18 April 2018

Last week we celebrated New Zealand’s first National Organic Week and IT. WAS. AWESOME! We got to celebrate everything that we hold dear – organic growing principals, ethical practices, environmental sustainability, people care and animal welfare – to name a few...

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Organic Food and Climate Change

28 March 2018

Agriculture and climate changeThe agriculture industry occupies a unique place in the climate change debate. In 2007, although it was responsible for 14% of global greenhouse gas emissions[1] some research indicated that it had the potential to be used to mitigate up to 20% of global emissions by sequestering carbon (i.e...

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Beneficial Phytochemicals Higher in Organic Food

13 March 2018

The chemicals that plants naturally produce to protect themselves against diseases can also help to protect us from getting ill and may even assist our recovery from some diseases. It is not surprising then, that many of the therapeutic properties of herbal medicines are due to the presence of these.....

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An Almighty Achievement: How our local juice suppliers are teaching organic, sustainable farming to our youth.

1 March 2018

We’ve been stocking Almighty Juices since they approached us in 2016 and it’s always been clear to us that these hero suppliers of ours are driven by their values. I sat down with Adán, co-founder of Almighty at his café, Milk Crate on Ghuznee st, Wellington to find out more...

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