New Zealand's first national Organic Week!

April 18, 2018 at 1:35 PM


Last week we celebrated New Zealand’s first National Organic Week and IT. WAS. AWESOME! We got to celebrate everything that we hold dear – organic growing principals, ethical practices, environmental sustainability, people care and animal welfare – to name a few. But for us at Commonsense and for our wonderful customers, we stick closely to organic practices and make values-based decisions as a core part of our everyday life as a company.

For us, every week is organic week.


Through all of the great events held across the country last week, we trust that people have been exposed to more organic options and have learnt more about the importance of choosing organic products for the health of the earth, people and future generations.

As part of Organic Week, we asked some leaders in the field why organics is so important for all of us, now more than ever.

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Organic Week NZ really shows how far we have come as a nation, working towards the clean & green image that is so often referred to. Passionate farmers and producers work extremely hard to maintain the ethical practices they use - and because of this there are now thousands of organic products available to you and most of them made right here in New Zealand.

It's important because making simple organic changes to your lifestyle not only benefits you, but it is a sustainable choice that makes a positive impact on the planet too. We are increasingly becoming conscious consumers, and it's great knowing that when you do choose organic, you also take action towards a more ethical future.

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From All Good’s perspective organics is a very straight-forward decision for us - it ensures we’re good for the land, good for the growers and good for you.  You don’t need nasty chemicals to make great organic sodas and grow good bananas - so don’t use them.  

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Seeking organic certification is about more than just having no chemicals involved in the process, it's also about much broader focus on sustainable and ethical practices. These practices track right through the business, from the beans we get right through to the wrappers we use. It's important to us and our customers to know what's gone into our chocolate as well as knowing that every contributing process is following the best practices for the environment and the people involved. 


Common Property

We were delighted to open the gates of our Common Property farm in Te Horo and welcome some wonderful visitors. We helped our guests to learn more about the details of organic farming and showed them our practices and way of doing things. "It was such a good group - lots of them more knowledgeable than I!" - Marion Wood

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 Keen to learn more about organics? Take a look at the Commonsense Living section of our blog or visit us in store to find out more.