True Earth - Commitment to Quality

April 16, 2019 at 8:55 AM

organic produce

True Earth is an organic family farm run by Scott Lawson and Vicki Meech, situated in the sunny Hawkes Bay province. Described as ‘the fruit bowl of New Zealand’ the area is known for its highly productive soils and clean water in the rivers and aquifers.

True Earth has been organically certified for over 20 years and they have been providing our stores with a steady supply of various vegetables and berries for much of this time.

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The couple operates the farm in line with the mantra ‘healthy soils produce healthy food, for healthy people, in a healthy society’ and this is what drives them to continually improve the quality of their soil. They employ several methods to achieve this such as crop rotation, soil testing, green manure crops, compost, fish and seaweed, natural rock phosphate and lime.

True Earth has a focus on constant improvement and they are always looking for better ways to support the environment and reduce their environmental impact. Packaging is so often a difficult issue for all our suppliers and True Earth are constantly looking for the best packaging options. They source recycled and recyclable packaging from NZ where possible, such as their blueberry punnets which are made of recycled PET from the Wellington factory, Flight Plastics.

“On a daily basis, farming decisions need to make a compromise between short term gain and long term sustainability and resilience. Food production is inherently a tough game as you need to work with the weather, markets and, particularly in organic farming, a high labour input.”

True Earth are a critical part of our fresh produce offering and we are so grateful for their commitment to provide us with top quality organic produce. When you buy their produce you can trust that you're getting the very best!

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