Juicing Made Easy

20 May 2013

There are a lot of keen juice makers at Commonsense Organics, both staff and customers.  We know and love this delicious way to get a super hit of nutrients - but we also know how much produce you need to haul home to do it!  That's why we created the.....

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Mana Recovery & Trash Palace

9 May 2013

One of the most inspiring places you can go in the Wellington region is a dump.  Well, a landfill really.  It is here - just at the entrance to the Porirua landfill - that you will find award-winning Mana Recovery, an organisation which does amazing work in sustainability, environmental care.....

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Interview with Sarah Adams of Local Food Week

1 April 2013

August 2013 Update: Sarah is now working with the Wellington City Council to develop and support urban agriculture such as edible plantings, community gardens, local food social enterprises and more. If you're working on an a related initiative get in touch via

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Interview with Rochelle Harrison of The Wellington Chocolate Factory

13 February 2013

New Zealand's first bean-to-bar chocolatier using 100% organic and fair trade ingredients works right here in Wellington, and we were lucky enough to visit her.  Rochelle Harrison started and single-handedly runs The Cocoa Press [Feb 2014 update: now "The Wellington Chocolate Factory"], and her passion to create gourmet chocolate from.....

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No BPA in Commonsense Receipts

18 July 2012

Marion Wood (our managing director) is concerned, not only for all retail workers in New Zealand, but also for kids playing 'shop' with Mum and Dad’s receipts...

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Italian-Style Tomato, Bean & Vegetable Soup

3 June 2011

Our house-made soups at the Wakefield St store (now also Kilbirnie, Lower Hutt & Johnsonville) are a staple for many Wellington folk, warming the cockles of browsing shoppers and busy CBD workers alike.  The soups change daily but are always organic, vegetarian, and gluten free.  ..

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A Guide to Safer House Cleaners

You may have noticed a growing number of household cleaning products on the market which claim to be ‘environmentally friendly’.   This sounds like great news but unfortunately all detergents are a burden on the environment in one way or another.   In fact there is no such thing as a completely.....

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