How To Make Your Garden More Bee Friendly

30 August 2018

Bees are an extremely important and fragile element of our ecosystem. At least one third of our food depends on honey bees for pollination...

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Steps to plastic freedom

2 July 2018

So you've mastered the first steps of going plastic-free - you're probably sipping from a reusable coffee cup as you read this, about to bring your tote bag of stainless steel straws and water bottles to your weekly Boomerang Bag meetup...

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Quick and easy switches for plastic free July

2 July 2018

Plastic Free July is upon us! And while the idea of not buying anything in plastic for a month might seem daunting, we've made it a little easier by compiling this list of very easy substitutes you can make...

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We're Launching a Sensory Friendly Hour!

19 June 2018

We now offer a weekly sensory-friendly shopping hour to support people who are on the autism spectrum, or just need a quiet time to shop...

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Winter Gardening Guide

5 June 2018

“Growing your own food is like printing your own money.” - Ron Finley –What to do in the garden in winterHave you ever considered using the space you have to grow veggies? We are fortunate in New Zealand that, wherever we live, it’s almost always possible to grow some of.....

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Motherhood and Commonsense

3 May 2018

Mothers are at the heart of what we do here. Our business was co-founded by pioneer and mother, Marion Wood. The reason it began as an organic business was because of the influence of Marion’s mother, Frances, who insisted they farmed using organic practices...

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New Zealand's first national Organic Week!

18 April 2018

Last week we celebrated New Zealand’s first National Organic Week and IT. WAS. AWESOME! We got to celebrate everything that we hold dear – organic growing principals, ethical practices, environmental sustainability, people care and animal welfare – to name a few...

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How we're celebrating Organic Week 2018!

29 March 2018

This year’s Organic Week will go from Monday 9th – Sunday 15th April and we’re delighted to have an excuse to celebrate everything we love about being an organic company!..

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The Environmental Impact of Buying Organic Food

28 March 2018

The agriculture industry occupies a unique place in the climate change debate. In 2007, although it was responsible for 14% of global greenhouse gas emissions[1] some research indicated that it had the potential to be used to mitigate up to 20% of global emissions by sequestering carbon (i.e...

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Our Co-founder, Jim turns 80!

5 March 2018

On the week of his 80th birthday, we sat down with Jim Kebbell to learn more about the history of Commonsense and find out what he’s learnt from this inspiring business...

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10 Truly Romantic Original Gifts for this Valentine’s Day

8 February 2018

Valentine’s day is often knocked for being a day invented by greeting card companies to make money and shame single people. But we like to see it as a day of love - love for a partner, but also for your friends, family, neighbours and strangers...

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7 February 2018

Our aim at Commonsense is to keep all our packaging out of the landfill. This includes packaging of products that we sell to customers and packaging that we generate in the course of running our business. ..

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