10 Truly Romantic Original Gifts for this Valentine’s Day

8 February 2018

Valentine’s day is often knocked for being a day invented by greeting card companies to make money and shame single people. But we like to see it as a day of love - love for a partner, but also for your friends, family, neighbours and strangers...

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7 February 2018

Our aim at Commonsense is to keep all our packaging out of the landfill. This includes packaging of products that we sell to customers and packaging that we generate in the course of running our business. ..

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10 Easy Ways to Use Up Christmas Leftovers

19 December 2016

Christmas is a time of foodie celebration, but it can be so easy to over-estimate quantities and end up with a whole lot of excess food. If Boxing Day finds you with your fridge bulging, here are 10 quick and easy ideas ideas to make the most of Christmas leftovers...

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Fair Trade & Organics: What's the Connection?

7 August 2017

Fair trade and organics are part of our core values here at Commonsense. They both acknowledge the interconnection between people, food and the environment. For Fair Trade Fortnight (4-17 August 2017), we decided to look a little closer at the relationship between fair trade and organics. ..

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A fresh new look! It’s just Commonsense.

2 October 2017

Commonsense Organics has been providing fresh organic food since 1991 (way back before organics was cool!). We’re a family business and our values are right at the heart of what we do. This is not going to change...

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Why we're saying goodbye to plastic bags... for good!

20 July 2017

This year, we've wholeheartedly embracing Plastic Free July. A number of our staff (including co-founder Marion Wood) took up the challenge of no single-use plastic during the month. As a company, we updated our process for buying bulk products, interviewed Hannah from The Rubbish Trip and took a closer look.....

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What does 'eating ethically' really mean?

11 July 2017

Here at Commonsense, we pride ourselves on being a one-stop ethical shop. But what does ethical eating really mean? Organic, free-range, vegan, vege, sustainably-caught... the list goes on! Instead of presenting a tiny sliver of a multi-faceted issue, we asked some of our people about what eating ethically means to them...

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Your Commonsense Guide to Seasonal Fruit & Veg

25 June 2017

Eating seasonally is just common sense. It's better for us because we're getting fresh, tasty food at a lower cost, and it's better for the environment because less fossil fuels are spent transporting it to our plate...

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Not Commonsense: Our Stance on NZ’s Soft Plastic Recycling Initiative

26 June 2017

At Commonsense, we're passionate about reducing waste... so why aren't we getting involved in New Zealand's Soft Plastic Recycling Initiative? Put simply: we don't think it's tackling the issue in a meaningful way. Read on to find out more. ..

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Plastic Free July: '10 Ways to Shrink Your Waste’ with Hannah from The Rubbish Trip

18 June 2017

Here at Commonsense, we’ve been passionate about environmental sustainability since 1991! We’re always looking for ways to make our work more sustainable in areas like waste, energy use and the materials we use. We love initiatives like Plastic Free July, and stock a wide range of products that support a.....

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Supporting Porirua School Gardens

14 January 2016

Recently our managers visited a number of school gardens in Porirua that Commonsense is proud to support. The lovely Alicia Rich showed us fruit and vege plantings across Cannons Creek that she helps coordinate as part of the Porirua School Gardens Scheme, an organisation established to support and guide local initiatives...

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Celebrating our 25th birthday with Commonsense chocolate

29 September 2016

November 7th 2016 will be Commonsense Organics' 25th birthday. We’re going to be celebrating with colourful decorations in store, a big birthday bash, and a month of amazing specials and giveaways. But we also wanted to mark the occasion with something extraordinary...

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