Asparagus Salad Recipe

1 October 2018

Try out this delicious organic asparagus Spring Salad Recipe!..

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Sylvie’s Back-to-School Muesli Bars

23 July 2018

Mention the word "school lunches" to many parents and witness an involuntary eye roll as they contemplate their daily dramas. Our home is no exception and both children have entirely different things they will tolerate in their lunch boxes...

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The Commonsense Kitchen's New Samosas!

5 July 2018

We have started making samosas in our Commonsense Kitchen! They are a little different to the ones we used to stock - they are baked, not fried which makes them a whole lot better for you. And they are made using all organic ingredients!..

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Brown lentil, coconut, and tomato soup

5 June 2018

The Commonsense Kitchen makes soup for our Wellington region stores - a different variety every weekday!..

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Winter Wellness: Turmeric Mānuka Tonic Recipe

25 May 2018

Our Corporate Services Manager Lucy whipped this up this quick and easy recipe in the office this week, and our team was amazed that something so 'good for you' could also taste SO good! It's divine! Read on to discover Lucy's very easy recipe. ..

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Uncommon fruits and the best ways to eat them

2 May 2018

As Autumn sets in, we are reaching a time of abundance in some classic fruits – apples, pears, limes and kiwis. But the month of May also brings with it some lesser known fruits – Quince, persimmons and tamarillos. ..

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Sunomono - Our Favourite Seaweek Recipe!

6 March 2018

Sunomono is a traditional Japanese salad, mostly served as a refreshing side dish. It contains mostly cucumber & wakame, but you can add a variety of other ingredients. This is a simple and tasty dish to make in minutes at home, brought to you by our friends at Pacific Harvest...

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Trade Aid's Spiced Chocolate Truffles Recipe

5 March 2018

This recipe has been developed for Trade Aid by #TheVeganMonster. Easy to make, this recipe creates a delicious vegan treat - All ingredients available at Commonsense and ones marked with * are on special for all of March! ..

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Our Green Smoothie Formula

5 March 2018

We know that smoothie recipes can change dramatically based on your personal tastes and preferences so we’ve developed a simple formula for those of you who are new to the world of smoothie-making. They can be as simple or complex as you like, this list will hopefully give you the.....

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Protein Punch Shakshuka

8 February 2018

Are you looking for a healthy, protein-filled, easy meal? Look no further than this delicious recipe for tofu shakshuka with chickpeas and kidney beans – full of fibre and perfect for any meal of the day - a big brekki for the whole whānau, brunch, lunch or as a nutritious.....

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Mediterranean inspired veggie burger with a mint yogurt dressing

18 January 2018

To celebrate World Vegetarian Day, we made these delicious sun-dried tomato chickpea burgers. So simple and filling, a great dinner to share with friends. ..

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