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We have five shops in the Wellington region, one in Auckland, and an Online Store serving all of NZ.

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Beyond the MEAT Documentary: How are Animals Treated on Organic Farms?

23 May 2017

MEAT is a beautifully shot documentary focusing on the stories behind the meat on our supermarket shelves. Directed by David White, it’s a fascinating look at three farmers and one hunter in Aotearoa New Zealand and their relationship with the animals many of us eat. .. » Read more

Superfood Beetroot: 10 Delicious Ways with the Humble Beet

8 May 2017

We’re delighted to be celebrating Winter Wellness Week from 12-18 June 2017. As part of this, we’re giving some love to one of our favourite winter vegetables: the humble beet. Beetroot is not only delicious, it’s also a superfood with fantastic health properties... » Read more

The Urban Monk: Fantastic Monastic Cultured Food

4 May 2017

We love how passionate our suppliers and growers are, and Christchurch-based Matt Morris is as passionate as they come! Director of The Urban Monk, he takes a spiritual approach to creating delicious certified organic cultured vegetables. We love his fresh take on work and food almost as much as we love his fresh &..... » Read more

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