Meet Our Health Practitioners!

29 June 2020

Health and wellbeing is an essential part of the service we offer here at Commonsense! We sell a range of natural health & beauty products and our experienced Health Practitioners can offer advice on a range of health issues.

We greatly appreciate the skills our Health Practitioners bring to our stores and business, so we thought we'd share a little about their varied skills and interests!



Sarah Ayson,
Commonsense Kapiti

Sarah is a trained Clinical Medical Herbalist and Pharmacist. She's passionate about growing herbs and making herbal products! 

Customers often ask Sarah about how to make herbal teas with loose herbs and the best cough mixture to take. She regularly helps our Kapiti customers decide on which sleep formula is right for them.  


Donna cropped

Donna Evans,
Commonsense Mt Eden

Donna has a diploma in Naturopathic Nutrition, a certificate in Therapeutic Massage and is currently studying Applied Musculo-Skeletal Anatomy. She's particularly passionate about gut health and the gut-brain connection.

"A lot of customers come in store to purchase new cosmetics and health and beauty products that are chemical and toxin-free, sometimes following a health scare, either personal or someone close. We have a great selection of make-up, deodorants, hair and body products, which just keeps growing with lots of exciting new ranges available."


diann rezies
Dianna Tawharu,
Commonsense Wellington City

Dianna has a Batchelor’s degree in Naturopathy and has previously worked as a Medical Microbiology Technician (QTA) for over 10 years. 

"I have practiced as a qualified naturopath for about 30 years’ and in this time I have specialised in herbal medicine and nutritional therapies combining modern knowledge with traditional approaches such as Ayurveda, Chinese and macrobiotic which allow diets/herbs to be matched to an individual’s constitution."

Dianna's experience also includes 20 years as a tutor at Wellpark College of Natural Therapies in herbal medicine and various other subjects. 


Meryl Kirkham, 
Commonsense Kilbirnie

Meryl is a qualified Naturopath who has been offering trusted advice to Commonsense customers for decades. She's passionate about giving advice and supporting healthy choices for our customer's health maintenance and wellbeing. 

Meryl is often asked by customers about fatigue, infection, insomnia and stress. 


Storm Sommerville

Storm Sommerville,
Commonsense Kilbirnie

Storm is a qualified Naturopath, Nutritionist and Herbalist.

 "I love food as medicine and working with people from all walks of life. I enjoy functional testing, challenging cases and am working on a mentorship program to specialise in children's health and wellness".


Alicia Dowsett cropped

Alicia Dowsett, 
Commonsense Mt Eden

Alicia has a Diploma in Nutrition, is currently studying a Degree in Naturopathy, is a QRA practitioner (muscle testing), and has a certificate in First light flower essences. Her passion is to support and educate clients on optimizing their health working in a holistic manner, using wholefoods, herbs, supplements, and emotional well-being support. 

“I think it is important to work with where my clients are at on their journey, but I also believe you need to enjoy life along the way, which means having a positive mindset on choice, because emotional well-being is a key component in healing. Balance is key”. 


Hanna cropped2

Hanna Emke,
Commonsense Kapiti

Hanna is a qualified Naturopath and Medical Herbalist. She also co-owns the natural skincare brand, Apheleia.

"My focus is on pregnancy, infants and children. I am also passionate about skin health as I have had quite the journey for my own skin. I enjoy being able to guide and talk to people in store about not only supplements, but food as medicine and creating a holistic way of life". 


Olivia W

Olivia Weinbauer,
Commonsense Lower Hutt 

Olivia has completed four years of study to become a Homeopath. She then studied other natural medicines including homeobotonicals, and a year of the advanced diploma in health sciences for naturopathic medicine. Olivia is currently studying Cognitive Behavioral therapy.

"I started my career as a beauty therapist specialising in organic skin care and cosmetics then I had my son and that changed everything! We went through every kind of challenge that new mothers experience with their babies. Once this amazing world of natural medicines is discovered it soon becomes a part of who you are."


Trudi W

Trudi Fill-Weidmann,
Commonsense Wellington City

Trudi holds a Diploma in Herbal Medicine and  stems from rural Switzerland, where she says herbs are used in everyday life and healthcare.  Trudi has now worked in retail for the past ten years and says:

"I feel this to be the right place to share my passion and guide people to a closer connection with nature. Often people get lost in the scientific jungle of their own health, and it is then I often and successfully resort to homeopathic and basic mineral-balancing therapies which bring the body back to its very fine and subtle balance".


Do you have questions about health? Our Health Practitioners have varied skilled, and will be able to point you in the right direction for general healthcare questions or concerns. Stop by
one of our five stores today! For more complex health issues, they may refer you to a healthcare specialist or suggest you visit your GP.