Going Vegan with Commonsense

January 17, 2018 at 4:41 PM


At Commonsense, we know it can feel a little daunting to step into the world of veganism. That’s why we supply a variety of alternatives so that you never feel like you’re missing out, no matter what your dietary requirements are. Here are some great products to try if you’re considering transitioning into veganism. 


1. Nutritional Yeast

The Beyoncé of the vegan world, this beauty will become your best friend as you move away from traditional cheeses. ‘Nooch’, as it has become fondly known, is a type of deactivated yeast famous for its nutritional value and delicious cheesy flavour. There are hundreds of recipes online using it to make cheesy sauces, homemade cheeses and recreations of old classics, we looooove this vegan mac n cheese recipe from Jamie Oliver. Nooch can also be sprinkled on top of salads, soups and even popcorn!


Small Nutritional Yeast


 2. Textured Vegetable Protein (TVP)

Made from soy flour, TVP can seem a little underwhelming as you place the gritty little pieces in your shopping basket. But believe us, they can become a delicious substitute for mince in a variety of dishes. Place the TVP in a bowl of boiling water or stock for 10 minutes (or until squishy), then remove and squeeze out as much water as you can. Add these to sauces to make a delicious bolognaise or chilli (be sure to simmer in the sauce for at least an hour so it really soaks up the flavour). TVP is a great source of protein, fibre and calcium and is super cheap, find it in store next to the rice and grains.




3. Milks milks milks

We stock heaps of plant-based alternatives to animal milks. Soy milk can be a great one to begin with as it is generally cheaper than the others and is quite creamy (perfect for tea and coffee!). As you branch out, it can be fun to try different milks in different ways. We love to use oat milk in baking and almond milk for muesli. Some people may tell you that dairy products are essential for healthy calcium levels, but that’s simply not true. Ensure you’re eating enough greens like kale, collards, broccoli and soy products like tofu, and you’ll be getting the calcium you need. 


pureharvest soy milk original 1ltr 


 4. B12 Supplements

While you can be entirely healthy on a plant-based diet, it is strongly recommended by health practitioners and nutritionists (vegan and non-vegan alike) that vegans take a B12 supplement. While there are some foods which are fortified with B12, it can be hard to track how much you’re getting and a B12 deficiency can have serious health risks. To be safe, we always recommend you take B12 to supplement a vegan or vegetarian diet and luckily, we stock a bunch of them! 


B12 tablets  

 5. Chickpeas and Beans!

Beans can be a fantastic source of nutrients and fibre, are low in fat and are among the cheapest and most abundant sources of protein out there. They are also massively versatile and can be added to sauces, salads, bakes and just about any recipe to bulk them out with extra fibre, nutrients and taste! Chickpeas are especially great – add them to your dishes, make humus with them, you can even use the water that comes in their can (Aquafaba) to replace eggs in baking! 


Ceres garbanzo chickpeas tinned

Have you got a vegan person coming for Christmas?

We've got the perfect gift hamper to show them you care! 


Vegan Delights Gift Hamper


We are always working towards supplying more options for people who are considering reducing their meat and dairy consumption. For more information, feel free to ask us in store, or email us at [email protected]