Peruvian Ancient Grain Soup

6 April 2021

This hearty soup is a nutrient dense meal packed with plant protein, fibre and phytonutrients from the blend of lentils, quinoa, amaranth, buckwheat and vegetables...

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Vegan Eaton Mess

8 December 2020

We have recently discovered the wonders of aquafaba – the leftover water from a humble can of chickpeas! For years we have been unwittingly draining this cloudy substance down the drain unaware of it’s magical qualities, primarily as a substitute for whipped egg whites in meringues, pavlova, mousse and many.....

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Vegan Matar Paneer

28 October 2020

This is a great way to combine wonderful Indian flavours in a vegan, gluten-free family friendly dinner...

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Nicola Galloway's Grilled Summer Vegetable Tart with Cashew Aioli

3 December 2019

Sway from tradition this festive season and spread the table with dishes loaded with summer produce. For this vegan tart early summer vegetables are grilled until sweet and flavoursome. Then layered onto a golden crust filled with tart cashew aioli...

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Nicola Galloway's Baked Root Vege Rosti with Fennel Salt and Avocado Green ‘Mayo’

24 September 2019

I firmly believe if you have a handful of flavoursome condiments at your disposal you can lift a meal to new heights with little effort. Some of my favourites include green sauces such as pesto or salsa verde, seasonal sauerkraut and a range of dressings and sauces...

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Sunomono - Our Favourite Seaweek Recipe!

6 March 2018

Sunomono is a traditional Japanese salad, mostly served as a refreshing side dish. It contains mostly cucumber & wakame, but you can add a variety of other ingredients. This is a simple and tasty dish to make in minutes at home, brought to you by our friends at Pacific Harvest...

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An Almighty Achievement: How our local juice suppliers are teaching organic, sustainable farming to our youth.

1 March 2018

We’ve been stocking Almighty Juices since they approached us in 2016 and it’s always been clear to us that these hero suppliers of ours are driven by their values. I sat down with Adán, co-founder of Almighty at his café, Milk Crate on Ghuznee st, Wellington to find out more...

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Protein Punch Shakshuka

8 February 2018

Are you looking for a healthy, protein-filled, easy meal? Look no further than this delicious recipe for tofu shakshuka with chickpeas and kidney beans – full of fibre and perfect for any meal of the day - a big brekki for the whole whānau, brunch, lunch or as a nutritious.....

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Cameron Family Farms

17 January 2018

Nestled in the beautiful countryside of South Wairarapa sits Cameron Family Farms, an extensive organic farming operation set up by Filmmaker James Cameron and Author Suzy Cameron, both keen environmental advocates. Their growing principles are directed by their values - ethical, organic, sustainable plant-based farming and they’re constantly working hard.....

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Christmas Gingerbread House Recipe!

12 December 2017

This recipe may seem quite technical, but trust us, it contains everything you need to get your foot on the Gingerbread property ladder. These houses are a great way to keep kids (and adults!) entertained and a delicious treat to enjoy on Christmas day...

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