Lex's Buckwheat Pancakes

4 March 2021

gluten free

Try this gluten-free and dairy-free pancakes recipe gifted to us by Lex who is behind the popular instagram account @allergyfreetummynz. Serve these pancakes topped with seasonal organic fruit (blueberries and plum compote perhaps!) or incorporate them into a savory brunch or dinner by filling with ham, cheese and veggies. You can buy buckwheat flour in bulk on our website or in 700g packs from Ceres Organics.

Lex’s Instagram is great place for family friendly recipes for those with allergies. Read her inspiring story on our blog. 


 Buckwheat pancakes 10




In a bowl mash the banana with a fork

Add in your flour, milk, vanilla essence and baking powder and mix thoroughly

Add your eggs, cinnamon and LSA as needed for consistency

Add a little oil to your pan and heat on high, then reduce the temp down

Add a spoon of pancake mix to your pan and cook until brown, then flip and brown the other side

Serve on a plate, add your favourite toppings and enjoy!

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