Pasture Poultry - Organic Eggs

17 April 2019

Pasture Poultry was established over 20 years ago by Pauline and John Blaikie in Rewa, Rangitikei; after two decades of hard work Pauline and John decided to take a well-deserved rest - enter Sentry Hill Organics, a like-minded outfit based on a 200 hectare, 6th generation family farm near Takapau, Central Hawkes Bay, under the Ruahine ranges.

Pasture Poultry

In Mid-2018 the Pasture Poultry brand was purchased and moved to this new location where PJ, Tom, Sally and Mike, along with their families, continue the passion that was started over 20 years ago. Mike, who delivers our eggs himself every Tuesday says:

"The chickens share the farm with cattle, sheep and pigs. They eat a feed mix of organic maize, barley, oats, pasture and plants which are specially grown for the chickens to forage in, along with any tasty morsels they find in the ground.  Hens are like people - no two are the same. the size of egg, the colour of the shell and yolk all vary, but rest assured they all have access to the same food and as much pasture as they want - we’ve got eggstatic hens!" (Nice one Mike!)

Chicken circle

The farm is home to 6500 hens; eggs are collected daily (from our neatly colour-coded houses) and transferred to our packhouse for packing and dispatch. The hen houses are moved regularly to encourage land regeneration and to give the hens access to new pasture.

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