Waste-free Shopping is Commonsense

July 8, 2021 at 5:05 PM

zero waste

Buying from our Refill section is a great alternative to buying a packaged option. Not only do you reduce the production and waste of unnecessary packaging, you'll also save yourself money, and you can choose just the right amount of what you need! The hardest part is starting, because it’s tricky changing our shopping habits.  We're here to help you take the first steps.  Perfection is not required – just give it a go.

Getting Started

The easiest way to remember to bring your produce bags and containers is to keep a stash in the car or your bag.  Maybe keep a lunchbox and a reusable cup on your desk at work?  Once you get in the habit you can store it under your desk but at first it's quite good to have the visual reminder.

Glass jars are beautiful in your pantry but can be heavy to carry around. Bulk bags like these Rethink ones fold up small and are perfect for getting your goods home in.

We have paper bags in the store as a backup option if you forget your reusable bags, and there's nothing to stop you from stashing them to reuse next time.  If you ask at the counter for these to be secured with rubber bands rather than sellotape, you can return the rubber bands to be re-used too!

Using Our Refill Stations

We've got refill stations set up in all our stores with the specific purpose of making it easy to use your own containers. Once you've mastered the process you'll find using the refill stations is as easy as 1-2-3!

First you need to find out the weight of your container so make sure the scales are reading zero, then place your container on the scales and note the weight.  We take this weight off at the counter so that you're only paying for the product inside, so you'll need let us know when you come to pay. We have stickers and pens for this purpose.

We sell liquids by volume, so if you’re buying a liquid product (such as maple syrup or shampoo) you'll need to know what the capacity of your container is so that we know how many mls you’re buying.  Not sure?  No problem – just ask one of the staff to find out the volume before you fill.

Once you've identified the weight or volume simply fill up your container with the product you'd like and bring it to the counter when you're ready to pay. 

Need help?

We know that choosing to refill is a more time consuming (and sometimes messy!) option compared with taking a packet off the shelf. If you’re having trouble, are in a rush, or just want to keep shopping while your jars are refilled, ask one of our team members for assistance – we’re more than happy to help!

Our unpackaged range

Our organic fresh fruit and vegetables are a great place to start your waste-free journey as it is almost always available unpackaged.  You'll want to check out our Refill section for flours, grains, tea, coffee, herbs, spices, oil, vinegars, honey, maple syrup and loads more too!  We also have frozen fruit and veg which you can reuse any container for such as an ice cream or yoghurt tub. Another good tip here is to buy the packet first, then refill it when you need more, as the original ziplock bags are specially designed for freezing.  

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Online shopping

Some of our bulk range is available on our online store under Wholefood Refill. Your bulk items will be delivered to you in a paper bag, leave a note if you would like the team to secure the bags with a rubber band instead of tape. 

The online range is always growing, however we have much more available in-store.