The Herb Farm - 100% Natural NZ Skincare

31 August 2018


The Herb Farm products

The Herb Farm is a market leader in New Zealand 100% natural skincare and, like Commonsense, is proud to say it’s still family owned and operated after 25 years in business.

The business was founded in 1993 by Herbalist Lynn Kirkland with a vison and passion to share the amazing healing and beautifying properties herbs and nature have to offer. In 2006, Lynn was joined by her daughter Sarah Cowan, a business graduate and former international model, who is now The Managing Director.

“We’ve been collaborating with and selling through Commonsense for longer than I can remember! It’s been a very longstanding relationship because we’re both pioneers in the naturals industry. We relate to their small beginnings and are always so thrilled to see how much they’ve grown as a company. Their staff are always wonderful and we connect with the fact that we’re both businesses that focus on our customers, their wellbeing and also the health of the environment and the wider community. We feel very aligned with Commonsense’s values and are committed to doing the right thing.”

Sarah Cowan, Managing Director.

The Herb Farm

The Herb Farm is more than just a name – it’s an actual farm nestled amongst nature in rural Manawatu and offers 2.5 acres of beautiful organic gardens, a café and a retail shop for people to visit. This is also where they produce their hand-crafted skincare products. As a business, their first consideration is always - ‘Is this product 100% natural?’ which is something they simply won’t compromise on. They know that information and ingredients lists can’t always be taken at face value and invest considerable time and energy to ensure each ingredient they use comes from a natural source.

Something that ensures this high quality of natural ingredients is the fact that many of the herbs used in their products are grown in their own Manawatu gardens. This means that they can control and oversee the whole production, from ingredients to processing, to creating the final product. Growing their own herbs also means that they are harvested at the exact right time for their purpose. Anything they can’t grow themselves, they source from like-minded individuals and companies, ensuring all of their products are truly 100% natural.

The Herb Farm flowers

The Herb Farm have recently launched a Protecting Skin Defend Mist which is scientifically proven to inhibit free radicals and stimulate natural collagen production to prevent signs of ageing. They’ve also released a new Hydrating Overnight Face Mask so you can absorb all of the benefits of this natural skincare while you sleep!

Pop in store to try some of The Herb Farm’s fantastic products for yourself!