5-minute Summer Make-up

October 27, 2022 at 1:22 PM

As we head into summer and the social season we’re now seeing a renewed interest in what we put on our faces with demand for clean and natural make-up that works with your skin rather than causing damage. 

Those of us with maturing skin can also start to feel that our standard ‘go-to’ make-up techniques are no longer serving us. The good news is that Commonsense carries a variety of high quality, natural cosmetics suitable for a range of ages and skin types. And make-up for aging skin is a lot less complex than many fear with a ‘less-is-more’ philosophy often being the best approach. We've pulled together some simple tips for a quick, easy and natural make-up look that can be adapted to suit any occasion.

Our top picks for an easy, natural look this summer!

Preparation is key

The first step to a great face is to accept the aging process with good grace! We will never look the way we did in our 20s and comparing your face to your younger self is a pointless exercise. Instead notice the changes in your face and try to accept them with kindness. Tell yourself a different story to the one the beauty industry is feeding you - eye crinkles are a sign of a lifetime of laughter – and we are often much more critical of our own faces than those of the older folks we adore. There is good evidence to suggest that the more confident you feel the more confident you will look so it is very important not to skip this step!

That said there are still lots of ways that we can use natural and nourishing products to give our faces a boost to improve skin health and self-esteem. And arguably the most important part of any make-up routine is to prepare the skin well. Use a good quality moisturiser that suits your skin type and feeds your skin. Using a facial oil or serum as a primer before applying make-up can also help to create a smooth and consistent base especially if your make-up has the potential to cake up or streak.

The 5-Minute Make Up Routine

We gave our company director, Lucy Kebbell (47) a range of high quality make-up products from top NZ brand, Living Nature, to see if they cut the mustard. Lucy doesn’t wear make-up daily preferring to use it to give her a boost every now and then, and agreed to trial some products on the basis that they were high impact and low maintenance. These are her picks for creating a natural look in 5 minutes:

The Soft Lights Illuminating Foundation – Day Glow ($55/30ml)

The Soft Lights Illuminating Foundation smooths and evens the complexion while giving it a radiant glow. This product doesn’t require a primer as it is packed with oils and active ingredients to treat the skin. With only 3 colour variations these products are designed to be used on a range of skin tones so that strict colour matching isn't necessary. Lucy used the Day Glow shade for mid-toned skin and says:

“Wow – I was really impressed with this product! It was easy to apply with my fingers and didn’t sit on the skin like some foundations can. It also gave my skin a subtle glow without being shiny or sparkly. This is actually an excellent find as I usually use a loose powder foundation but have been advised that this can be aging so am looking to switch – a big tick for me!” 

Living Nature Soft Lights Illuminating Foundation gets the "big tick!"

Thickening Mascara – Blackened Brown ($41)

Eyes are often the hardest area to get right as we age with the fragile skin no longer able to support a hard line (don’t even think about liquid liner!). Instead pare back on different colours and products and simply opt for a dark toned eye shadow applied where you would usually use liner on the upper and lower lash line. You can also simply use mascara on its own like the Living Nature Blackened Brown colour we gave Lucy:

"A great pick for a natural look which separated, darkened and lengthened my lashes while still looking like they were my own. A bit less volume than the one I have been using up to now which felt too much for me anyway – another permanent addition to my makeup bag!”

Lip Pencil - Woods ($29)

A lip pencil is a must to help maintain structure around the lips as lipstick can bleed into the fine lines around the mouth. Lucy says she often just uses a lip pencil and lip balm instead of lipstick for a natural look which lasts.

Blush – Cool Winter ($45)

Blush is a subtle game changer for maturing skin which can look more blotchy and less peachy over time. While foundation helps even our skin tone it can also leave it looking a little monochromatic. A small dab of blush on either cheek (swept upwards across the cheekbone) only takes a few seconds to apply but can have a big impact. Lucy says:

“I have always been pretty rosy in the face so never used to bother with blush until I hit my 40s when I noticed I was looking a little more grey toned. I haven’t used this product before but it is actually really nice and natural. It comes with a brush but I feel like I have more control just dabbing a little on and blending with my fingers.”

So there you have it! Some great tips for anyone wanting to transition to a gentle, natural make-up look with products that enhance and feed the skin. For more products and advice, pop in store and talk to our friendly team!

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Lucy's '5-minute look' using just four Living Nature products