Meet Totally Kiwi Oils!

1 December 2018

Totally Kiwi Oil flax seeds

Commonsense has been stocking Totally Kiwi's organic cold pressed flax seed oils since 2016 and decided it was high time we caught up with the good people responsible for making them!

What inspired the beginnings of your company?  

Our family business Bio Oils Ashburton has been cold pressing NZ grown, fully traceable flax seed oil for over 30 years and sold much of it to brand-owners all over the world. In 2013 we decided it was time for NZ to enjoy our flax seed oils too and Totally Kiwi was born.

Can you tell us about your relationship with Commonsense?

As soon as we launched our certified organic oils (in September 2016) we approached Commonsense Organics in the hope they would agree to range our organic oils. We were delighted when in November 2016 they placed their first order! We had done our homework and knew Commonsense was the go-to place for consumers wanting healthy, natural and organic products, and their values and ethics aligned with ours. We value our partnership with Commonsense, and look forward to many more years together

Do you feel as though your values align with Commonsense’s? 

Absolutely! We are a 3rd generation, NZ family owned and operated business. Organic production is a large part of our business, and we are committed to working with our local certified organic farmers to achieve a common goal – to produce and supply certified organic NZ flax seed oils, grown and produced with love and care from sustainable sources. And just like Commonsense, we have a reputation for being open, honest, transparent and approachable.

How do these values impact your decision making as a company?

In addition to our commitment to organics and sustainability, our core values are Kaitiaki, Integrity and Family. These values are extremely important to our whole team in all aspects of our business, and in the relationships we form.

What motivates you as a small business?

The relationships we have with suppliers and consumers.

What’s your favourite way to use the oils?

I love to add our Original organic oil to my morning smoothie, and I use it to make hummus and pesto too. My favourite organic infusion is Garlic – delicious drizzled over roast veggies!

What’s coming up for Totally Kiwi Oils?

We are working on a new infusion, ready to launch in the new year. We can’t give too much away, but we will be infusing our organic oil with Middle East/Indian spice, all approved by BioGro.

 Totally Kiwi oils2

All TK products are guaranteed 100% NZ grown and produced. Our TK flax seed oils carry a traceability reference on the label, which consumers can use to ‘trace’ their product back to the farm, using the TK website – from soil to oil.