A fresh new look! It’s just Commonsense.

17 January 2018

Commonsense Organics has been providing fresh organic food since 1991 (way back before organics was cool!). We’re a family business and our values are right at the heart of what we do. This is not going to change. What IS changing? Our name! We’re shortening our name to ‘Commonsense’ and we wanted to share our reasons why. 


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Our founders, Jim Kebbell & Marion Wood showcasing our fresh new look


We’re so much more than organics

Since Marion and Jim opened the first Commonsense store our work has been guided by three core values: organic food, environmental sustainability, and fair trade & social responsibility.  “We’re proud of the name ‘Commonsense Organics,” Marion says. “Organics are a core part of our business, and this isn’t going to change. But we wanted our name to reflect all our values. The answer was… well... Commonsense!”

We then got to work on a fresh look for our name change choosing to collaborate with the very clever folk at Inject Design.  We wanted a new style that personified our holistic approach to ethical trading.  As Jim describes it: "We think all businesses should be caring for the environment, their communities and their people. This is what we mean by Commonsense."  

Inject were able to not only provide us with a new look for our name tweak, they also designed a graphic logo to incorporate all our values in a visual way.  We LOVE it and we really hope you do too!

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Commonsense is organic food

We're leaving ‘Organics’ out of our name, but our commitment to organic food remains unchanged. We believe that eating organically is one of the best things you can do for your body, your family and the earth.  

We stock organic fresh produce and a wide range of organic groceries. Certified organic products are our first choice and our six stores are certified by BioGro New Zealand.


Commonsense is environmental sustainability

We believe in a different way of doing business. One that respects our lands, our soil, our rivers, our oceans, and all that lives within them.  

Our commitment to environmental sustainability shapes the products we stock, the materials we use in our stores, how we use energy, and our relationship with waste. We consider the environmental impact of everything we do as a business.


Commonsense is fair trade & social responsibility

At Commonsense we believe that trade should be fair for everyone involved. That’s why fair trade & social responsibility is one of our three core values. We stock certified fair trade groceries wherever possible. We choose fair trade uniforms and we celebrate Fair Trade Fortnight every year. 

Social responsibility informs the way we relate to our growers and our staff. We pay our growers a fair price and we treat our staff fairly and with respect.


It’s just Commonsense.

At Commonsense, we sell products that are good for you and good for the earth.

  • We sell fresh organic seasonal produce from local growers.
  • We sell fair trade, allergy-aware and organic groceries. Always GE-free, with no artificial preservatives or additives.
  • We sell non-toxic natural health & beauty products.

Our customers trust us to choose the most ethical products we can find. Every product on our shelves must pass our rigorous buying principles, which are based on our values of organic food, environmental sustainability and fair trade & social responsibility.

So there you have it - our name may be changing, but our values? Never!

It’s (still) just Commonsense.