Where to Find Free Pallets in Wellington

January 17, 2018 at 4:43 PM

At Commonsense, of course! Our stores regularly have free pallets available for customers to collect which are available on a first come first served basis, so swing by the shop to see if there are any available. 


A photo of a pallet-based box-holding container at our Wellington City Store


The beautiful thing about pallets is the endless possibilities they contain. In keeping with our commitment to protecting the environment, the pallets we offer customers are heat treated (not chemical treated), and they are suitable for almost anything you can imagine! You can have free firewood through winter, knock up a quick table for your backyard, create a sturdy base for your bed or make planters for your garden (we even sell seedlings to go in them!).

Pallet Project Inspiration

  • 1001 Pallets is a great place to start.  It's the internet mecca of pallet projects with thousands of photos to inspire you.
  • Now that your imagination is racing you enter the bonus exercise phase as to use pallets you'll probably need to dismantle them.  Get your sweatbands ready and try out this popular technique.
  • Need to hone your idea further? This site categorises pallet uses to help you compare tables/beds/storage ideas.
  • Need a bit more guidance?  If you prefer step-by-step instructions this site has a variety of ideas.


Pallets can offer a wonderful opportunity to get creative, reuse resources, and make your own low-cost furniture.  Keen to get your hands on a pallet? Give your local Commonsense a ring during business hours to check whether there are any available.