Commonsense Donations - Causes we loved in 2021

December 13, 2021 at 1:00 PM

Commonsense is founded on values of organics, environment and community. Every year on average 6-10% of our profits go towards supporting initiatives that share our values. Take a look at some of the organisations and groups we’ve supported this year. 

Porirua School Garden Club

Porirua School Gardens

For the past 7 years we have been a primary sponsor of the Porirua Schools Garden Club and are proud to have supported this amazing initiative. The Club works with teachers, local volunteers and kids in a number of low decile schools to grow their own organic food. Each month we have covered most of the operational costs of the scheme, including the coordinator’s salary and the cost of resources and equipment. 

Sadly, this scheme has now come to an end with the departure of their amazing coordinator, Alicia Rich. We would like to take the opportunity to acknowledge the incredible mahi that Alicia has put into the community, particularly the rangatahi, of Porirua over the past 8 years. And while this scheme has come to a natural close, the kaupapa that Alicia has established continues within the community. 

seeds to feeds

Seeds to Feeds is a festival that spans the Spring/Summer growing season, resulting in a week long harvest festival of community feasts showcasing local food. Local teams in suburbs across Wellington will cook and host a meal, made from food grown in back yards and community gardens, foraged or produced in their suburb. Commonsense supports the festival by donating vouchers to each of the events to purchase products not able to be grown or foraged.

Seeds to Feeds

Here are some more organisations and initiatives that we've supported throughout the year:

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Find out more about our values and how they shape our work here. We try to direct our support to organisations who share our values and/or directly benefit the communities we operate in. Click here to apply for a donation.