Amy McLennan's Make-up Tips for a Fresh look this Summer

1 December 2019

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As the air temperature warms and the pohutukawa show signs of bloom, your skin may also be sighing a breath of relief. No longer does it need to be tucked away under layers of clothes, nor subject to winter heating and changeable temperatures which can lead to skin looking dull, dry, more lined and prone to break-outs.

The summertime always inspires me to try something new with my make-up or adapt my winter makeup regime to reflect the sunnier times. Commonsense has some great natural skincare and makeup options to refresh and revitalise your morning rituals.

Amy Spring skincare collection6 

Here are some tips on what you can use this summer to bring a fresh and luminous look to your skin. 

  • Skin responds well to a good prep and prime before applying makeup. I love Antipodes Divine Face Oil, a light and nourishing oil that can be applied under moisturiser or directly under makeup. 
  • Now that we are in longer and stronger hours of sun it’s important to use a sunscreen or products with a sun protection factor (SPF). Antipodes Immortal is a great option as a moisturiser with an SPF15. It's light, non greasy, easily absorbs and can be used on the face and body. 
  • An all time favourite is Weleda Skin Food and it's perfect for anytime of year. It has a thick and rich formulation making it suitable to wear as a highlighter on your cheek bones or to rub into any stubborn dry skin patches.
  • For a luminous makeup look I thoroughly recommend the Antipodes Mineral Foundation range. They give a great light-medium coverage and have a creamy, slightly sheeny texture. Follow that with Tailor’s Glow Pots on your cheek bones, eyelids and or lids and you will have a lovely soft shimmer to your skin.
  • Blush and lipstick are a great way to add colour into your daily life and easy to experiment with. I recommend popping in-store to check out the colours and textures available in the Sante, Living Nature, Inika, and Antipdoes ranges. 
  • Finally finish off with a stroke of natural mascara. Sante and Living Nature both offer great options and you will be set for your fresh and natural summer look. 

 Amy at work