Alan Browne - Kapiti Organics

April 18, 2019 at 4:49 PM


Alan grows the best organic salad mix in the country containing up to 14 different salad varieties, especially in the summer.  His business, Kapiti Organics, operates out of a large plot on Common Property which he runs with his wife, Gill.  It’s a real family affair with his daughter and sister-in-law also working there and so did his son until recently heading off on his OE.

Alan Browne2

Alan worked for 16 years at a wholesale production plant nursery and says that’s where he really learned to grow.  But the signs were there from an early age helping his dad in the home vegetable patch. When Gill was expecting their first child he went to night classes to study horticulture.  Even though his training was in conventional growing he’s glad he made the switch to organics – to him it just makes sense to stay away from sprays.

Alan aims to grow the salad mix outdoors all year round but, depending on the weather, this generally ranges between 9 and 12 months of the year. As well as salad mix he grows fennel, zucchini, scallopini and cucumbers.