Meet Our Health Practitioners!

17 January 2018

Health and wellbeing is an essential part of the service we offer here at Commonsense! We sell a range of natural health & beauty products and our experienced Health Practitioners can offer advice on a range of health issues.

We greatly appreciate the skills our Health Practitioners bring to our stores and business, so we thought we'd share a little about their varied skills and interests!



Sarah Ayson, Commonsense Kapiti

Sarah is a trained Clinical Medical Herbalist and Pharmacist. She's passionate about growing herbs and making herbal products! 

Customers often ask Sarah about how to make herbal teas with loose herbs and the best cough mixture to take. She regularly helps our Kapiti customers decide on which sleep formula is right for them. 



Natalee Durrant, Commonsense Johnsonville 

Natalee is the Assistant Manager at our Johnsonville Store. She also has a Bachelor's in Natural Health Science and a Diploma in Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine! 

Natalee has a wide range of professional interests including women's health, fertility & pregnancy and adrenal health. Customers often ask her advice on fertility and insomnia. 


donna willson

Fiona Willson, Commonsense Mt Eden 

Fiona has a Bachelor of Natural Medicine and is undertaking part-time study of TCM (Chinese Herbal Medicine).

She's passionate about a range of topics, including iridology, growing herbs, organic gardening, and herbal teas & tonics. 




Donna Evans, Commonsense Kilbirnie

Donna has a diploma in Naturopathic Nutrition, a certificate in Therapeutic Massage and is currently studying Applied Musculo-Skeletal Anatomy. She's particularly passionate about gut health and the gut-brain connection.

Donna says, "A lot of customers come in store to purchase new cosmetics and health and beauty products that are chemical and toxin-free, sometimes following a health scare, either personal or someone close. We have a great selection of make-up, deodorants, hair and body products, which just keeps growing with lots of exciting new ranges available."


diann rezies

Dianna Tawharu, Commonsense Wellington City

Dianna is a Naturopath at our Wellington City Store. She's trained in Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine and Nutrition. 

Dianna is interested in a range of topics and has shared some of her extensive knowledge with us on immunity and hayfever


ResizedImage100133 Annie

Annie Thorne, Commonsense Johnsonville

Annie is a Naturopath-in-training who has worked at our Johnsonville store since it opened! She feels strongly about functional nutrition, which she describes as "eating the ‘right’ way for each individual, rather than following a ‘fad’ diet."

Annie answers a lot of customer questions about skin issues such as eczema and digestive issues.


Clare Armstrong, Commonsense Lower Hutt 

Clare is a qualified Naturopath, whose particular areas of interest include digestive/gut health, eczema/psoriasis, stress and sleeping disorders. She is also a fan of the use of inorganic substances such as bentonite clay, Diamataceous earth and charcoal.

Clare regularly recommends either magnesium, tart cherry or a tea such as lemon balm for insomnia; while for eczema she usually includes the use of Purely Earth bentonite clay, a plant-based Vitamin E cream such as Essenchi Aquaderm, and a liver boost with St Marys thistle such as  Artemis Liver Tea.



Meryl Kirkham, Commonsense Kilbirnie

Meryl is a qualified Naturopath who has been offering trusted advice to Commonsense customers for decades. She's passionate about giving advice and supporting healthy choices for our customer's health maintenance and wellbeing. 

Meryl is often asked by customers about fatigue, infection, insomnia and stress. 



Emily Le Grys, Commonsense Johnsonville 

Emily is the Store Manager of Commonsense Johnsonville. She's also undertaken training in Beauty Therapy and Naturopathy! She's passionate about natural skincare and cosmetics, digestive health and supplementary nutrition like proteins and superfoods. 

Emily gets asked a lot of questions about stress, skin conditions like eczema and gut health. 


Bonnie 3.4

Bonnie Crawford, Commonsense Wellington City

Bonnie is a student Naturopath with a Diploma of Science in Biology & Microbiology and a Certificate in Relaxation Massage. She's particularly interested in gut health, vibrational healing and holistic sports nutrition.

Bonnie often get asked questions about remedies for healing the system of a cough, cold or flu, and skin care & make up for sensitive skin, vegans and those wanting radiant skin naturally. 


Anita Drinkwater, Commonsense Mt Eden

Anita has a Bachelor of Naturopathy, Diploma in Herbal Medicine and Diploma in Therapeutic Massage. She's also received training in Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis and Oligoscan, and Kinesiology. She's passionate about detoxification (especially toxic metals), skin care and food intolerances. 


Do you have questions about health? Our Health Practitioners have varied skilled, and will be able to point you in the right direction for general healthcare questions or concerns. Stop by one of our six stores today! For more complex health issues, they may refer you to a healthcare specialist or suggest you visit your GP.