9 Ways to De-Stress after Shock or Anxiety

23 November 2016

Here at Commonsense we’ve been looking for ways to de-stress, rest and recuperate after recent events in Wellington.  Fortunately, we have some extremely talented colleagues we can ask for advice!..

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Sixth Sense: the Magical Commonsense Coffee from Good Fortune

17 November 2016

As part of our 25th birthday celebrations, we've been lucky enough to be given some extra love by some of our favourite local foodies: Wellington Chocolate Factory, Garage Project and Good Fortune Coffee Co. ..

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A hard row to hoe: 25 years of organics with Bremdale Farms

31 October 2016

It’s our birthday on November 7th, 2016, and we’re celebrating a quarter century of years of rich relationships with our growers, suppliers, staff and customers. Some have been with us from the very start...

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Cheese Appreciation Month: 6 Cheeses We LOVE

11 October 2016

Local and organic cheese is one of our passions, whether it’s lovingly melted on pizza, perfectly paired with fruit and wine, or counterpointing the crispness in a good Greek Salad...

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Lucy's Christmas Mincemeat

11 October 2016

This is definitely not a traditional mincemeat recipe (which uses suet and fewer varieties of dried fruit) but no one in my family seems to be complaining...

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Celebrating our 25th birthday with Commonsense chocolate

29 September 2016

November 7th 2016 will be Commonsense Organics' 25th birthday. We’re going to be celebrating with colourful decorations in store, a big birthday bash, and a month of amazing specials and giveaways. But we also wanted to mark the occasion with something extraordinary...

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Top Tips for Hay Fever Relief

7 September 2016

Spring is here! Sunshine, daffodils, lambs, and a welcome respite from the cold… what’s not to love?  Well, for those who suffer from seasonal hay fever, the start of spring can be a bittersweet experience...

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Teva’s 10 Minute Honey Chicken

6 September 2016

Our Merchandise Manager Teva Stewart is well known for being a bit of a whizz in the kitchen. To celebrate Bee Aware Month, Teva pulled this ten minute chicken recipe out of his repertoire. The addition of honey at the end creates a delicious sticky glaze that seals in the moisture,.....

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How To Make Your Garden More Bee Friendly

5 September 2016

We are all beekeepers, and the bees keep us. They keep us nourished; at least one third of our food depends on honey bees for pollination. They provide for us in other ways too – in 2014 it was estimated that the economic value of honey bees in New Zealand .....

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An Interview with Scott, Head Fisherman at Awatoru

29 July 2016

Awatoru is a small fishing business based on the Kapiti Coast that has recently started to supply our stores with amazing fresh smoked albacore tuna. We caught up with Scott, head fishmerman and co-founder of Awatoru with his wife Maaike, to learn a little bit more about his business. ..

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