Environmental Sustainability


Commonsense Organics supports products that support the environment, you can too.

Environmentally friendly, eco-friendly, earth-safe, earth friendly, how many other ways of saying “do what makes sense” are there? Well…. it is the “doing” rather than the “saying” that is really important. This is why Commonsense Organics has strict buying policies. You can trust us to check the ingredients of all the products we sell and ensure that they are safe. It is a big responsibility and it forms the basis of our relationship with you.

We source fresh produce that is

  • organic
  • seasonal
  • grown in New Zealand (except for our fair trade bananas and a few fruits from the pacific).

Get to know our suppliers, and know where your food comes from.

When we can't source organic products, we provide food products that are

  • GE free
  • free from artificial additives and preservatives
  • allergy aware, eg gluten-free food

Safe food is good food!

Health products that are

  • checked by our qualified naturopaths and are organic where available.
  • GE free
  • free from parabens and artificial sodium lauryl sulphate
  • sourced from natural materials

Cleaning products that are

  • safe for people and the environment
  • genuinely biodegradable
  • free from petrochemical ingredients
  • phosphate free
  • free from toxic chemicals

Baby products that are

  • organic where possible
  • re-usable, for example cloth nappies and biodegradable disposable nappies
  • non-leaching and free of all hazardous chemicals including bisphenol A and phthalates, for example bottles and teats
  • chemical-free, eg creams

Gardening products that are

  • consistent with organic standards


The Chemical Maze was written by Bill Statham to grow awareness about "what we are putting in our mouths and on our skin". It is an interesting guide to shopping that can help you make informed choices about what you are buying.

The Safe Food Campaign is a nationwide organisation that campaigns for safer, healthier food.

FOOD, iNC. is a great documentary looking at the commercial food industry.

Organic Explorer is a green travel guide to New Zealand. It is an online resource for the eco-conscious traveller.

Check out our guide to safer cleaning products, and our tips for reducing your carbon footprint.