Recipe: Olivia’s Turmeric Latte Paleo Protein Balls

17 January 2018

Looking for a low-carb snack that gives you the nutrition you need? Olivia Richardson has just the thing: these Turmeric Latte Paleo Protein Balls are high in fat & protein and low in carbs & sugar. So tasty, so satisfying.


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Olivia Richardson: healthy movement and healthy eating.


At first glance, Olivia Richardson appears to have many fingers in many pies. Her current (gluten-free / raw) pies include: yoga teacher at Te Aro Astanga, avid CrossFitter at Maia CrossFit, Executive Assistant here at Commonsense Head Office, passionate holistic cook, amateur nutritionist and mum to two-year-old Dax.

But, on closer look, Olivia’s multiple interests all follow the same rough recipe: a passion for healthy movement and healthy eating. 

I’m all about creating space to connect with your body,” she says. “For me, healthy eating is feeling how your food affects you.” 

Looking for food that powers your body and leaves you feeling great? Olivia’s got you covered.


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Nuzest Clean Lean Protein & finished Turmeric Latte protein balls


Protein powder: a new frontier

Protein powder is a relatively new addition to Olivia’s life. “I was never a person who felt I needed to take protein powder,” she says. “But in March 2017, my partner Bryant and I were doing a 50-day paleo challenge. We started taking Nuzest Clean Lean Protein.

Why Nuzest? Their Clean Lean Protein is very low in sugar (Smooth Vanilla contains just 0.2g per 100g!) but contains Katemfe fruit extract, which tastes naturally sweet.

These days, Olivia is a total protein powder convert.  “I take Nuzest most days,” she says. “I notice it balances me. I used to get super cravings, but I’ve discovered that eating more protein keeps me fuller for longer.

I generally mix the powder with almond milk,” she says. “But making these balls is really fun. It’s like adult playdough! You can make them in under 15 minutes and keep them in the freezer. They really last.” 

Olivia got the inspiration for these protein balls through her CrossFit gym. In March 2017, Maia CrossFit held a challenge to create a protein ball that was 75% fat, 20% protein, 5% carbs.

 “If you look at other bliss balls, most are high in sugar and carbs,” Olivia says. “The idea of coming up with a recipe was pretty daunting,”

But, using Nuzest Clean Lean Protein, Olivia created a tasty recipe that completely fits the bill: high fat, high protein, low sugar, low carbs. And delicious! These Turmeric Latte Paleo Protein Balls are perfect for anyone looking for a keto, paleo or low-carb recovery food.

I chose to use Cocoavo because it’s a mix of coconut and avocado oils. They’re both really high in fat.” Olivia says. If you can’t get Cocoavo, it's fine to substitute regular coconut oil.


Turmeric Latte Balls 1

Golden & full of good stuff: Olivia’s Turmeric Latte Paleo Protein Balls


Olivia’s Turmeric Latte Paleo Protein Balls

Makes 15-20 balls. Takes approximately 15 minutes.



  1. Put all ingredients in a food processor, starting with 1 cup almond flour
  2. Pulse the mixture, until it starts to stick together. Make sure you stop well before it starts to look like nut butter.
  3. Add more almond flour if the mixture is too soft.
  4. Take the mixture out of the food processor and use your hands to shape into 15-20 balls
  5. Roll in extra shredded coconut if desired.
  6. Put in freezer for at least one hour.
  7. Devour! Store in freezer or refrigerator.


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