Cool Down for Summer: 3 Easy Peasy Ice Pops

17 January 2018

Summer is here, and we think ice-pops are the perfect hot weather treat for kids and grown-ups! Our stores recently started selling no-stick BPA-free ice pop molds from local business Munch, and we've been experimenting with recipes. No sticks. No tricky bits. Just delicious ice-cold ice-pops. Here are three of our favourite flavour combinations. Easy Peasy!


1. Blueberry Froyo Ice PopIce pop graphics with words3

Our CEO's 10 year old makes these herself and eats them for breakfast! They're so simple to make: just alternate spoonfuls of greek yoghurt (or coconut yoghurt if you prefer) with spoonfuls of frozen or fresh berries. Freeze overnight, and voilà



2. Apple Fresher Ice Pop  

Ice pop graphics with words

This is one for the grown-ups. Fill 70% of the ice pop mold with apple juice, add some mint leaves and a squeeze of grapefruit or lime. Use a long stick-like object (like a spoon handle) to distribute the mint somehwat evenly throughout the mold. Freeze overnight to bring this ice pop classic to life: sweet, sour and very refreshing. Interestingly enough, the menthol in mint actually binds with cold-sensitive skin receptors, making it feel even colder than it is! 


3. Coco-Kiwi Ice Pop 

Ice pop graphics with words2

Coconut water is a super-hydrator, which is why it's great to drink after exercise or on hot summer days. Add a few pieces of peeled sliced kiwifruit and freeze overnight, and you'll have a tasty thirst-quenching treat that packs a prodigious electrolyte punch chock-full of Vitamin C.