Fair Trade & Organics: What's the Connection?

17 January 2018

Fair trade and organics are part of our core values here at Commonsense. They both acknowledge the interconnection between people, food and the environment. For Fair Trade Fortnight (4-17 August 2017),  we decided to look a little closer at the relationship between fair trade and organics. 

Sebastiana Martinez Gomez

Sebastiana Martinez Gomez, picking coffee beans in Guatemala (ASOBAGRI). Photo by Justin Purser, Trade Aid



Fair trade is a different way of doing business, where the benefits are shared more fairly between producers, customers and the environment!

Together, by selling and buying fair trade, we’re supporting:

  • A fair and stable price for producers;
  • Long-term trading relationships;
  • Investments in local community development;
  • Opportunities for producers to gain knowledge & skills needed to operate in the global market; and 
  • Environmentally sustainable farming methods.


 Baheyye Ghannam

Baheyye Ghannam, one of four generations of almond pickers (PARC). Photo by Marinda Matthew, courtesy of Trade Aid


Fair trade and organics work together.  This synergy dates back to the 1930’s-1960’s and the so-called “Green Revolution”.

The “Green Revolution” introduced farmers to the “joys” of pesticides. The rationale was to increase the yields of crops, but instead it created a dependency on chemical pesticides and fertilisers which farmers could not afford. Cycles of debt forced whole families into bonded labour.

To help break this destructive pattern, communities returned to traditional organic farming methods and incorporated new techniques of organic farming to help improve the land. 



 Amna Abuzaid, Saida Abuzaid, Yusera Ghrou

Amna Abuzaid, Saida Abuzaid, Yusera Ghrouf with couscous (PARC). Photo by Michelia Miles, courtesy of Trade Aid.



Fair trade & social responsibility are part of our core values, along with organic food and environmental sustainability. We believe that fair trade is how all trade should be. 


At Commonsense, we carry the largest range of fair trade food in Aotearoa New Zealand, including: 


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