Five Hot Drinks To Brighten Winter Right Up

16 June 2017

Down in the dumps? Cold weather stealing your joie de vivre? Wind putting the SAD in your Seasonal Effective Disorder? You can stop crying and listening to Sia while eating Serious Popcorn under your duvet: we’ve ranked the ultimate five hot drinks to brighten up your winter...

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10 Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

20 August 2014

Your carbon footprint is the amount of carbon dioxide produced by your daily activities and use of material goods. ..

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Fair trade Chocolate and Banana Cookies

16 May 2016

These delicious cookies were made in celebration of Fair Trade Fortnight 2016 - we think using Fairtrade products makes them taste all the more delicious. We love eating them straight out of the oven (after a bit of time to cool, obviously - we don't want to burn our tongues!).....

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Water Filters: why we need them and what we offer

27 February 2015

Drinking water is one of the most important, basic things we can do for every day good health. Why wouldn't you ensure you're drinking the best possible?..

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Taste of Auckland Festival - Ticket Special

23 October 2015

Gather your friends together and get ready for one of New Zealand’s greatest restaurant festivals!..

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Ecostore's New Bottles Are Fighting Climate Change

1 July 2016

They're called CarbonCapture Paks, and they're helping Ecostore to save over 639 tonnes of CO₂ from being released into the atmosphere each year. It's happening already; since the bottles were launched, EcoStore and its customers have avoided over 1.5 tonnes of carbon emissions from fossil derived plastics...

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The Magical Commonsense Coffee from Good Fortune

17 November 2016

As part of our 25th birthday celebrations, we've been lucky enough to be given some extra love by some of our favourite local foodies: Wellington Chocolate Factory, Garage Project and Good Fortune Coffee Co. ..

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Foraging for Edible Weeds

20 August 2014

Of the myriad of things nature grows, we only cultivate a relative handful in our farming systems. But there is a world full of edible plants out there...

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Preserved Lemons Recipe (aka What to do With All Those Lemons!)

17 September 2014

Citrus trees are fairly low maintenance, often taking care of themselves and growing away quite happily. So what do you do when they fruit and you have more lemons than you can shake a stick at? (or juice, squeeze over salads, bake into cakes, give to neighbours, friends, colleagues or.....

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Supergreens: Wheatgrass, Barleygrass, Chlorella or Spirulina?

22 August 2014

Although wheatgrass is made from wheat, it is gluten free, safe for those with coeliac disease, and it is similar to eating dark green vegetables. Wheatgrass is low calorie and packed full of nutrients, making it a high density, nutrient rich food...

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Healthy Dog Food: Halina's 3 Top Picks for Canine Cuisine

21 April 2017

Meet Flossie: the latest addition to our Commonsense family! She may be great with customers, but her shelf-stocking skills still need a bit of work... Flossie’s arrival got us thinking more about dogs and what they eat: how can you tell if you’re feeding your dog high quality food that.....

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Bee Aware Month: How to Support the Declining Bee Population

5 August 2013

Bees are dying all over the world in huge numbers - numbers which are scary because we depend on bees for so much. In New Zealand bees are instrumental in approximately one third of our food and a large portion of our economy...

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