Top Tips for Hay Fever Relief

7 September 2016

Spring is here! Sunshine, daffodils, lambs, and a welcome respite from the cold… what’s not to love?  Well, for those who suffer from seasonal hay fever, the start of spring can be a bittersweet experience...

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Teva’s 10 Minute Honey Chicken

6 September 2016

Our Merchandise Manager Teva Stewart is well known for being a bit of a whizz in the kitchen. To celebrate Bee Aware Month, Teva pulled this ten minute chicken recipe out of his repertoire. The addition of honey at the end creates a delicious sticky glaze that seals in the moisture,.....

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How To Make Your Garden More Bee Friendly

5 September 2016

We are all beekeepers, and the bees keep us. They keep us nourished; at least one third of our food depends on honey bees for pollination. They provide for us in other ways too – in 2014 it was estimated that the economic value of honey bees in New Zealand .....

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An Interview with Scott, Head Fisherman at Awatoru

29 July 2016

Awatoru is a small fishing business based on the Kapiti Coast that has recently started to supply our stores with amazing fresh smoked albacore tuna. We caught up with Scott, head fishmerman and co-founder of Awatoru with his wife Maaike, to learn a little bit more about his business. ..

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New In-Store: Kokako's Limited Edition Purosa Estate Coffee

28 July 2016

We are delighted to announce that our Mt. Eden store is now stocking Kokako’s very special, limited edition Purosa Estate coffee!..

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Baked Apple with Orange Zest Crumble

28 July 2016

This an amazing and very simple recipe is perfect for winter. It's quick to make, and while it's baking in the oven, your house will fill with the smell of cinnamon and apples - divine! This dessert is a total crowd-pleaser for the whole family, but is also a nice.....

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Keeping our Kids Clean without chemicals

26 July 2016

The good news is that children’s bodies are really good at taking care of themselves – just add water!  Soap can dry out young skin and should be limited to hand washing. Their hair doesn’t need washing often – once a fortnight is plenty – and the rest can generally.....

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How To: Fight Climate Change by Reducing Your Food Waste

25 July 2016

The conversations surrounding climate change often make it seem like an insurmountable problem. When the polar ice caps are melting, sea levels are rising and the whole world is heating up, it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that climate change is out of your control...

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How Niugini Organics Is Creating Brighter Futures in Papua New Guinea

18 July 2016

At Commonsense Organics we love hearing about and supporting other companies that are also dedicated to the values of organics, sustainability and fair trade – and none sets a better example than Niugini Organics. Niugini has been producing coconut oil in Papua New Guinea since 1994...

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Ecostore's New Bottles Are Fighting Climate Change

1 July 2016

They're called CarbonCapture Paks, and they're helping Ecostore to save over 639 tonnes of CO₂ from being released into the atmosphere each year. It's happening already; since the bottles were launched, EcoStore and its customers have avoided over 1.5 tonnes of carbon emissions from fossil derived plastics...

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