Hemp Seed Food Products Illegal in New Zealand?

17 January 2014

Our Managing Director and co-founder Marion Wood addresses the current debate around hemp seed food products being sold in New Zealand...

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11 Ways to Use Surplus Fruit and Vegetables

17 January 2014

Do you have an awesome fruit tree or a garden surplus?  If your friends are in the same position and you are all wondering how much more lettuce you can eat.... have a look at our ideas for food sharing in your community...

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How to Make Coconut Butter (A.K.A. Your New Favourite Food)

13 January 2014

Coconut Butter is a beautiful thing.  It can be toast's best friend, a recipe's star player, or simply a quick and indulgent spoonful from the jar (we promise we won't tell anyone). ..

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Apple Sauce Recipe (& What to Do with Apple Sauce)

29 October 2013

Don't know what to do with apple sauce?  You're not alone: folks brought up in New Zealand have rarely used apple sauce, but it's a staple in many cultures around the world including North America and various European countries. ..

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Choosing the Right Sunscreen

11 October 2013

New Zealand and Australia have the highest rates of skin cancer in the world...

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How to Stay Healthy During Pregnancy

12 September 2013

Eating well before conception, during pregnancy and while breastfeeding can have a long term positive effect on the health of your baby.  In addition to a wide variety of organic fresh produce and dry goods we also stock supplements, oils and herbal remedies designed specifically for use before and during.....

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Bee Aware Month: How to Support the Declining Bee Population

5 August 2013

Bees are dying all over the world in huge numbers - numbers which are scary because we depend on bees for so much. In New Zealand bees are instrumental in approximately one third of our food and a large portion of our economy...

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Juicing Made Easy

20 May 2013

There are a lot of keen juice makers at Commonsense Organics, both staff and customers.  We know and love this delicious way to get a super hit of nutrients - but we also know how much produce you need to haul home to do it!  That's why we created the.....

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Interview with Rochelle Harrison of The Wellington Chocolate Factory

13 February 2013

New Zealand's first bean-to-bar chocolatier using 100% organic and fair trade ingredients works right here in Wellington, and we were lucky enough to visit her.  Rochelle Harrison started and single-handedly runs The Cocoa Press [Feb 2014 update: now "The Wellington Chocolate Factory"], and her passion to create gourmet chocolate from.....

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No BPA in Commonsense Receipts

18 July 2012

Marion Wood (our managing director) is concerned, not only for all retail workers in New Zealand, but also for kids playing 'shop' with Mum and Dad’s receipts...

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