it's just commonsense

Commonsense is a family business based on three key values:
Organic Food, Environmental Sustainability & Fair Trade. 



Our Story

The seed for Commonsense was sown in 1975. Jim Kebbell and Marion Wood (and a bunch of other hippie dreamers) bought some land in Te Horo and named it Common Property. The idea was to grow vegetables as a way to connect young and marginalised people with the land. ..

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Our Values

We are committed to:..

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Our Products and Services

At Commonsense, we believe that making ethical choices every day is the best way to contribute to a better world. Every product must pass our rigorous buying principles before it gets a place on our shelves. Our buying principles are based on our values. ..

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Our People

We’re incredibly proud of our people here at Commonsense. We regularly showcase our staff on Facebook, Instagram and our e-newsletter. ..

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Work With Us

Interested in joining our team? At Commonsense, we employ people with an interest in organics and environmental issues, as well as retail skills. We train staff on the importance of organic certification and invite them to attend a one-day workshop at Common Property, the organic market garden owned by our.....

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