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Ethique Sweet & Spicy Shampoo Bar (110g)

$22.00 — Currently Unavailable

Plastic-Free Bars - The Ethique-al Choice

Christchurch based Ethique (pronounced Eh-tique) began life as a young, fledgling business looking to provide healthier, more sustainable soaps and shampoos to the people of New...

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Staff Picks! Beautifying Natural Cosmetics and Makeup that nourish your body

To the untrained eye, Commonsense stores might appear to be boutique fruit and veg market stores, but inside we hold a plethora of treasures, and a...

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Quick and easy switches for plastic free July

Plastic Free July is upon us! And while the idea of not buying anything in plastic for a month might seem daunting, we've made it a...

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Keeping our Kids Clean without chemicals

*The good news is that children’s bodies are really good at taking care of themselves – just add water! * Soap can dry out young skin...

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