Wellington Good Food Boost 2019

2 July 2019

The Wellington Good Food Boost 2019 is a free six-week mentoring programme, run in partnership with the Sustainable Business Network and Wellington City Council. It’s designed to support fledgling ‘good food’ businesses who focus on local, seasonal or organic produce, and work to support environmental and social good in their business model. 

Four winning businesses will receive a six week programme including five exclusive mentoring sessions with industry experts, giving their ‘good food’ business a boost!

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Commonsense is a strong supporter of this programme and we are delighted that all of the 2018 finalists are now stocked in Commonsense stores. “This shows the impact of this program, it’s helped businesses connect with people to really get their ‘good food’ products out there” says Laurie Foon Wellington Regional Manager for Sustainable Business Network.

Our Merchandise Manager, Teva Stewart, is one of the mentors involved with the programme and his passion for food, community and our planet combined with his retail knowledge and experience makes him a great advocate and mentor for the  Good Food Boost:

“I was inspired by the dedication, ambition and drive of the participants to make the world a better place through the food we eat.  It has been a pleasure to watch their businesses grow over the last year and we are so grateful to now have their products as part of the Commonsense family!” Teva Stewart

Below the four winners from last year describe their experience of being part of the Good Food Boost.


Esther's is a celebration of vibrant and nurturing food for all to enjoy, made in Wellington by Esther Lewis. She specialises in nut butters, spreads and is just launching a new sauerkraut range. Esther is dedicated to supporting Fair Trade, using organic, local and seasonal ingredients, and reducing waste wherever possible which is what makes her a great fit for our business.

"I have really appreciated all the opportunities that came out meeting all the wonderful people involved. Especially the support and advice from Teva from Commonsense, whose knowledge and encouragement has meant I've had the confidence to get my products out there, in stores, for the good people of Wellington to enjoy!” Esther Lewis

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Half Baked Catering Co

Customers trip over themselves to get their hands on the divine frozen desert bars produced by Zara and Shinēe Mcintyre from Half Baked Catering. Not only do they taste like heaven but they are organic, plant-based, raw, gluten-free and contain no refined sugar!

"The good food boost was a collaboration of awesome like-minded individuals who were heading down the same path of starting a sustainable small business producing healthy food. The mentors provided their extensive knowledge about the industry, new ideas & different ways of looking at things, so that we were then able to have our individual creative ideas flow. We gained the ability to manage our time and energy more sustainably, run our business in a more productive manner and made some really good connections with others in the industry. We can't recommend The Good Food Boost enough!" Shinēe Mcintyre 

Half Baked Bars

Wellington Honey 

As the name suggests, Wellington Honey is unique to Wellington and can trace its honey back to individual hives or apiaries. Business owner Chris Baring says that because it's so windy he reckons his bees work harder to select the best flowers to make the honey! 

“As a small food business it is sometimes hard to find time to strategise, self-evaluate, and connect with other small businesses. Being part of the good food boost gives you that opportunity, and as a consequence we managed to solve a lot of growing pains. It’s not just about the great mentors and other passionate business owners.  The boost basically gives you a massive confidence injection as a small business owner. We really feel like we belong to a wider business community now!" Chris Baring

Wellington Honey

Superseed Crackers

In early 2017 Nikki Van de Laar struggled to find seed only crackers that were low in carbs and high in protein and that actually tasted good. So she started making her own! Her crispy Superseed Crackers are a totally unique addition to the market. Containing no flours or fillers, they are gently baked in small batches until crispy. Containing only organic seeds, nuts, herbs, olive oil and seasoning, they are super healthy and taste amazing! 

"The mentors all brought different skills and knowledge to the table and helped us all work through some of our obstacles and challenges, enabling us to move forward. It did require time and commitment to attend every session in order to gain the tangible benefits. I felt it really supported me and my business Superseed Crackers to move forward with a renewed confidence and enthusiasm." 

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For anyone interested in applying for 2019 Good Food Boost- please register your interest here!