The most important products to buy Fair Trade

1 August 2018

As with any buying habits, it can be tricky to change a lot of things overnight. So below, we’ve listed three products to get you started buying Fair Trade. These are products which, when bought non-Fair Trade, can have a hugely negative impact on the people who produce them.

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“People all over the world rely on it to wake up, yet many of the 25 million small-holder coffee farmers who depend on it for their livelihoods struggle to survive.” Fairtrade Labelling Organisation 

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Image courtesy of Trade Aid NZ


As a plant, coffee is highly dependent on weather conditions and susceptible to disease, so it is so vital to its growers that they have a good relationship with the companies who sell in on their behalf. At Commonsense, we only sell certified Fair Trade and Organic coffee so you can rest assured that we know the growers of our coffee are paid a fair price and are working in conditions that are safe for their health, their communities and their land.

We stock:

And more in store including Inca Fe.


Chocolate comes from a highly problematic industry with a long and devastating history of child slavery, corruption and abuse. Because of this, it’s important to only buy chocolate that is certified Fair Trade. We love to support ethical companies like Wellington Chocolate Factory whose cocoa is not only organic but also all Fairtrade certified and who have a strong and genuine relationship with their cocoa growers. When She Universe first approached us to be stocked in our stores, their chocolate was not Fair Trade and we managed to encourage them towards getting Fairtrade certification, and now all of their products are!

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Image courtesy of Wellington Chocolate Factory


While Fair Trade chocolate can be more expensive, you can enjoy a treat while resting safely in the knowledge that your purchase has helped the lives of many.

“We believe that being a Fairtrade certified chocolate supplier is of paramount importance to upholding our ethical values. Being certified ensures that our supply chain is transparent and that everyone is getting paid a slightly better price (usually 10-20% above market rate). Fairtrade is the first step towards greater social responsibility, but we can strive to do even better than Fairtrade in the future.” – Wellington Chocolate Factory

Some of our favourite chocolate includes:

And more in store including Wholegrain Organics, Alter Eco, La Petite Chocolate 


Kiwis eat more bananas than almost any other country in the world and yet, only 7% of those bought here are Fair Trade.

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Image courtesy of All Good Organics

At Commonsense, we stock Allgood bananas. When Chris Morrison of Allgood Organics first brought Fairtrade bananas to Commonsense, we really wanted to stock them, but felt we could not compromise on our commitment to provide organic produce. So they worked on it and we were the first to receive their organically grown Fairtrade bananas! 

All Good were recently named the number 1 Fairest Trader in the world by the International Fairtrade Awards (out of 27,000 products!). Their bananas are our favourite and we’re stoked that they have been recognised as the fairest of them all!

Read more about All Good here and buy their delicious bananas here!