The Kiwi Rainforest We're Sponsoring & How it's Helped Us Be Carbon Positive

17 January 2018

Every business produces carbon emissions, no matter how much effort they put into reducing their use of resources - and we are no different.  For us environmental and social sustainability are two of our key values as a business, and the opportunity to offset our carbon emissions is very important to us.  Offsetting emissions means carefully calculating what we've produced, and then contributing to a cause that reduces the amount of carbon that is released into the atmosphere. 

Carbon positive 2016


Many carbon emission schemes are based overseas, but we wanted to contribute directly to the reduction of carbon in Aotearoa New Zealand. Since 2013 we have been working with Sean Weaver of Ekos, an organisation that cares for Southland rainforest and works to restore and nurture our native bush. This beautiful indigenous forest captures carbon, keeping it in the earth where it belongs, and our financial support allows more of this great work to happen. 

We have just received our 2015 certificate from Ekos and we are proud to say we are both Carbon Positive (we supported more carbon capture than we produced - 110% in total) and an Ekos Rainforest Guardian.

Ekos Certificate Common Sense Organics 2015 page 001

Our Carbon Positive certification arises from the purchase and retirement of 96.8 Verified Emission Reduction units (VERs) to offset 88.01 tCO2e emissions (i.e. offsetting 110% of our 2015 carbon footprint).

Rainforest Guardian certification arises from the purchase and retirement of 6 Habitat Hectare Units (HH). The VERs and HH units were sourced from the Rarakau Rainforest Conservation Project on Maori land in western Southland, New Zealand.

Cool fact: the forest pictured on the certificate is the one we're sponsoring! Yay!

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