Staff Picks! Beautifying Natural Cosmetics and Makeup that nourish your body

1 October 2018

To the untrained eye, Commonsense stores might appear to be boutique fruit and veg market stores, but inside we hold a plethora of treasures, and a dedicated team of knowledgeable members of staff who know the ins and outs of the products they stock. One area we’re really excited about this month is the rapid expansion of our natural cosmetics and makeup.

To find out more about the natural cosmetics we stock, we asked our Kilbirnie Commonsense health and beauty expert, Donna for a rundown of some of her favourites.

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Donna’s Favourites:


I think a lot of people don’t realise that Commonsense is a great place to come for makeup. It’s been really exciting to watch our makeup range grow and we now have pretty much everything you might need for your makeup routine! Makeup can be quite an intricate thing, so we’re delighted to be able to offer help and advice to our customers about it.

Antipodes Mineral Foundation – Donna suggests playing around with how you use it this foundation until you find what works best for you - you might find that you require more in winter for a bit of a lift and then less in the warmer months.

Sante Mascara - Donna assures us that this mascara gives her a real lift, isn't clumpy or flaky and lasts a long time!

Karen Murrell Lipstick - Donna's selection for our photoshoot!

TOP TIP! When using natural mascaras, instead of putting on a lot in the morning, put on a smaller amount, and then top up midway through the day.

Karen Murrell lipstick

Ethique Shampoo

Ethique is just fantastic, and it’s a popular product with our customers because it falls in line with Commonsense’s values. I tried to use shampoo bars for years and they were ok but I never felt like they were nourishing my hair. And then along came Ethique!

I have very excitable conversations with customers about Ethique because their bars seem a lot more expensive than a bar of soap, or a bottle of shampoo but once people try it, they come back again and again for it. Similar to a lot of our products, you have to try them to realise how great they are.

TOP TIP! Cut an Ethique bar into quarters and use one at a time. This will make it last even longer!


Crafted by Lori Deodorant and Lip balms

One of my favourite deodorants is the Crafted by Lori jars. I find they last a long time and I actually keep the jars and give them back to Lori to reuse! I love the smell and how it feels, it’s really effective. Lori has also released a lip balm in a cardboard tube which is plastic free and I love it!

TOP TIP! It can be very overwhelming to suddenly decide to replace everything you use with a natural equivalent, so Donna suggests that you change just one thing at a time, starting with the products you’re going to absorb the most like lipstick, lip balm, toothpaste, and deodorant.

Crafted by lori


Similar to Ethique’s philosophy, Michele, creator of Frankie Apothecary’s doesn’t see the point in diluting her products down and putting them in plastic bottles. Frankie’s new sunscreen is a paste which comes in a glass jar, and comes highly recommended by Donna.

It’s thick but it rubs in well and if you’re wearing it as an adult, it’s great for your face, neck, chest, shoulders. It’s factor 50, so it's also great for kids. It takes makeup on top of it well, so can be a great base for your face and it’s also an insect repellent! We’ve also received quite a bit of feedback from customers who often have negative reactions to sunscreen and they’ve told us they love this one!

Frankie sunscreen

Tui Balms

In my massage practice, I always use Tui Balms. I’m conscious that whatever I choose to use, my hands will be in it a lot so I want it to be natural. When I use Tui Balms, I know they’re safe and good for my skin, but I also know that it’s also going to be safe for anyone I’m working on with sensitive skin, allergies, women who are pregnant, and that they’re going to leave feeling like their body is covered in something really nice!

Tui balm

The Herb Farm

I love herb farm, it’s a small, local, mother and daughter business, I love being able to tell customers that the actual farm is just up the road, that they can visit and go to the café, walk round the gardens. Their skincare is great because they offer a whole range for every age, from someone younger who is prone to breakout and oily skin right up through to older skin types that need more nourishment, across their range of moisturisers, you can find one for everybody.

The Herb Farm products2

Like everything we provide our customers with, natural cosmetics are better for you, for the earth, and better for the people who make them. We offer a range of sensitive and allergy aware skin products, and all of our makeup is cruelty-free making Commonsense a one-stop shop for ethical, sustainable, nutritious products, not only for what you put into your body, but also what you use on the outside of it.

Want to learn more about natural makeup? Join Donna and esteemed makeup artist Amy McLennan at Kilbirnie's fantastic makeup consultation workshop