Robert Glensor - Purebread

April 18, 2019 at 5:17 PM

Robert Glensor has been baking certified organic bread since 1996 and Purebread was the first bakery to become organic.  Purebread is made with high quality Australian organic flour which Robert describes as "beautiful velvet flour". 

Robert Glensor2

He says people often comment that they can’t usually eat wheat bread because it makes them feel bloated, but they can eat Purebread and says this is because:

"our naturally fermented dough bubbles for 3 – 4 hours to break down the complex carbohydrates so our stomachs can digest it more easily."

Modern systems of commercial bread making have concentrated on developing superfast systems to maximise the financial returns. Robert feels that this compromises the nutritional value of the bread.  ‘The technology is amazing but the nutritional value is not so flash.  We are more focused on producing bread that provides the maximum returns on the health of our customers.’

Sustainability is at the heart of his business and in 2008 Purebread won the Sustainable Business Network Supreme Award.  His weekly landfill rubbish is the size of a netball – so small that it is not enough for commercial disposal, so it is taken to the dump every 3 or 4 weeks along with the rubbish from his home!