Local Lockdown Luxuries

26 April 2020

We’ve been in our bubbles so long now we’ve forgotten what life was like before we became slaves to our sourdough starter! There is an element of ‘groundhog’ day as the days merge into each other and there’s no longer much to distinguish a weekend from any other day. As we continue to "save lives by staying at home", we’ve come up with a range of ways that you can add a bit of fun and luxury to your bubble with our favourite products sourced from a range of small, local and ethical businesses*. 

1. The Home Manicure

Home Manicure small

Our hands have been washed and sanitized until they’re raw so it’s high time we show them a bit of loving. Make a hand scrub by mixing a little organic sugar and sweet almond oil and rub into your hands. Wash away with Sabun Olive Oil Soap and rinse before applying your favourite hand cream – we love the offering from Weleda* and Antipodes. For the final touch treat each nail to a splash of dazzling colour with Scout* non-toxic nail polishes.

2. The Island Getaway

Island Getaway small

It may not be Fiji –  in fact it’s not even summer any more – but there’s no reason why you can’t fool yourself into imagining your home as a relaxing island sanctuary. Grab a towel, sunglasses, a Capital magazine, and spruce up with a Caliwoods razor, some Eco-tan winter skin* and a Six Barrel Soda mocktail in hand. Stream ocean sounds on your Bluetooth speaker and feel the relaxation wash all over you.

3. Wake Up Ritual

Wake Up small

If your working-from-home routine needs a bit of a lift – treat yourself to a breakfast full of goodness. Ceres Organic’s Epic Paleo contains an amazing array of nuts in two delicious flavours and paired with Raglan's new range of gourmet coconut yoghurt and fresh organic strawberries from Common Property you’ll start the day walking on sunshine!

4. Home Spa

Day spa small

This idea is great if you want to stay in your PJ’s all day but also need to feel purposeful. At your home day spa you need nothing more than a robe and slippers (optional). We have a wide range of products depending on the needs of your skin but popular items include Tailor Polish (which is a great scrub and mask in one), the Frankie cleansing bar and the new Antipodes Baptise. Cucumbers may be out of season but you can use refrigerated green teabags to refresh your eyes while your mask does its thing.  Complete your transportation to a health spa in the Himalayan mountains with Jun – an effervescent Tibetan Living Tea!

Day Spa Products small

Antipodes Baptise, Jun Tibetan Living Tea, Tailor Polish Mask and Scrub

5. The Metrosexual

Metrosexual small

Is the man in your life turning into a woolly bear? Or are you the man in your life?! Spruce yourself up with a fancy shave and shampoo. The 3-in-one Shower, Shampoo and Shave Bar from Gloabal Soap will see you right. And Aotearoad have a Hair Clay to shape your freshly washed locks into place. It’s likely some face care wouldn’t go astray at this point, check our the men's range from Weleda. With all that hard work looking so sharp, you probably deserve a cold beer. Treat yourself to a Garage Project 6-pack.

6. Grazing Platter

The grazing platter small

For the gourmets among you simply grab your favourite snacks and throw them together on a board to graze on throughout the day. Choose from a classic cheese and salmon spread or make it just as tasty with our wide range of plant based options. Add some decadent chocolate treats from She Universe and you’re on a fast track to make your bubble mates love you forever!

7. Movie Night

The Movie Night small

We know you’ve already watched everything on Netflix but why not splash out and rent a classic movie and make a special night of it. Make your own pizza dough (your sourdough starter will come in handy for this!) and take orders for your bubble mates’ favourite pizza toppings – mozzarella, salami, olives are a great start. Pop your own popcorn kernels or buy it pre-popped from Serious Popcorn.  And for dessert? Little Island ice cream topped with Trade Aid chocolate sauce should do the trick!

Win luxuries for your bubble

Whatever you decide to do to cheer up your bubble we’d love to hear about it! To be in with a chance to win a lockdown luxury hamper simply tag us on Facebook or Instagram while treating yourself in lockdown with any of our products and using the hashtag #lockdownluxuries! Competition closes 9am on Monday 11th May 2020. Terms and Conditions here.

*denotes products that are not Made in NZ but that we couldn't resist including because they're wonderful products and long standing suppliers of ours.