Why we're saying goodbye to plastic bags... for good!

17 January 2018

This year, we've wholeheartedly embracing Plastic Free July. A number of our staff (including co-founder Marion Wood) took up the challenge of no single-use plastic during the month. As a company, we updated our process for buying bulk products, interviewed Hannah from The Rubbish Trip and took a closer look at Aotearoa's Soft Plastic Recycling Initiative. As a result of all this plastic-focused introspection, we made a big decision: to say goodbye to plastic bags, for good! 

But what about all the plastic in the rest of the shop?

You’re totally right and we’re very aware of this.  We are offering an alternative wherever possible – like our fruit and vege specials – and you can buy a lot of organic groceries in bulk.  We also have steel drink bottles instead of plastic, and food containers and straws.  We even have bamboo toothbrushes.  Our Commonsense packs are mainly cellulose, and we are working with other companies to phase out single use plastic as much as we can.  We all have a long way to go, but we really make an effort to ensure our packaging reflects best practice as far as we can.

But plastic is so convenient

Agreed.  But the price to our world is too high.  Did you know there was more plastic created between 2002 and 2012 than the whole of the 20th century combined?  And it ends up in our landfills and our oceans and beaches.  It’s already in sea life and will end up in our stomachs.

What will I line my rubbish bin with?

Most of us put our rubbish in some kind of bucket.  Instead of lining the bucket with a plastic bag, try just filling the bucket and emptying it straight into the Council rubbish and then cleaning the bucket.

So why do you sell Bio Bags?

Good question – let’s delete them!