Climate Action is Commonsense

May 19, 2021 at 3:17 PM

The global pandemic has shown us that it is certainly possible to take collective action for the common good. Inspired by this demonstration of common unity it’s clear we can take the steps needed to mitigate the effects of climate change, which are arguably far more serious than those posed by COVID-19.

We're a small company committed to playing our part. We have always implemented environmentally sustainable measures wherever possible as one of our core commitments, but this year we established a Climate Action Group to ensure that our measures are targeted, cohesive and comprehensive. The aim is to keep the pressure on ourselves.


Commonsense closed it's doors to allow staff to attend the 2019 School Strike for Climate.


As part of the work of this group we identified 4 main areas of focus:

Waste Minimisation

Encouraging a reduction of single use packaging, promoting options for reusable or BYO vessels, ensuring efficient systems for rubbish, recycling and composting, best practice for packaging options and working with suppliers to reduce their packaging. We have significantly increased the amount of products that are available waste free and from June 2021 will have removed all single use coffee cups from our cafe. 

Mt Eden DIY Keep cups

Staff from our Mt Eden store DIY their own coffee cups


Supporting the health of our land and soil through organic agriculture, with an emphasis on organic regenerative agriculture. 

We are actively involved in the promotion of organics, including Hua Parakore, the Maori organic verification system and in industry groups that support this kaupapa.  This involves making staff time available to support the Soil4Climate project and organising Wellington activities for Organic Week.

Selective Procurement

Ensuring that the goods and services we use for our business fit our commitment to sustainability as far as practicable. For example opting for recycled paper and vegetable based inks, uniforms made from Fair Trade, organic cotton, compostable packaging, electric vehicles and more.

Carbon Zero

We acknowledge that, even when we've done all we can, our business will still have some negative impact on the planet, so we are offsetting our carbon footprint to achieve Carbon Zero certification through EKOS

Together let's make a difference!

It is vitally important that our customers are on this journey with us - our business doesn't exist without you! We welcome all feedback to how we can make it easier for you to shop in a more sustainable way. Email us at [email protected]

Common property field 2

Our organically certified farm: Common Property, Te Horo


Whatungarongaro te tangata toitū te whenua
As man disappears from sight, the land remains