10 Easy Ways to Use Up Christmas Leftovers

17 January 2018

Christmas is a time of foodie celebration, but it can be so easy to over-estimate quantities and end up with a whole lot of excess food. If Boxing Day finds you with your fridge bulging, here are 10 quick and easy ideas ideas to make the most of Christmas leftovers.


Xmas leftovers 1

The Day After Christmas: What to do with so much food?


1. Donate it: if your excess food is non-perishable and still in unopened packaging, you can donate it! In Wellington, try Wellington City Mission, in Auckland, try the Auckland City Mission

2. Share it: Do you know your neighbours?  Many people don’t have family nearby to celebrate the season with, so, build on that seasonal courage and pop next door with that leftover fruit cake and have a cuppa on Boxing Day. 

3. Make a quick quiche: quiche is a superb way to bring out the best in your leftovers. Here's a very simple recipe for Ham & Cranberry quiche: in a bowl mix 1.5c leftover cheese, 3/4c ham/vege sausage, 1/2 a jar of cranberry sauce, a handful of chopped herbs or spring onions, 3 eggs, and 3/4c milk.  Pour this into a 9-inch baking dish lined with pastry and bake at 180c for 40-45mins. Easy!

4. Christmas Ice Cream: Crumble up Christmas cake (or pudding), drizzle with some orange juice, cranberry juice, or a little sweet liquor, and stir into softened vanilla ice cream.  Refreeze and it'll be ready and waiting to celebrate summer in a few weeks. 

5. Bake up some savoury scrolls: scrolls are the perfect vehicle for using up leftover vegetables, sauces, meats and cheese. Just swap in your leftovers of choice as the filling. You can also make a sweet version by subbing in leftover fruit mince or chocolate. Yum! 

6. Use up your root veges in an orange cake: if you have a plethora of uncooked root veges in your pantry, this recipe will utilize them in a very non-Christmassy way. 

7. A salad for every occasion: roast pumpkin and pistachio, wild rice and cranberry, turkey and avocado? Your favourite Christmas flavour combo is likely to work just as well in a salad. 

8. The Christmas Sandwich: sandwiches are the classic way to use up excess turkey, lettuce cranberries and cheese. The only limit? How big your mouth is.

9.Frozen fruit smoothie power: freeze leftover berries, kiwis or plums and whip them up into cooling smoothies.

10. Pies, pies, pies: save those sweet juicy cherries by baking a cherry pie, or create a savoury extravaganza with this fabulous Moroccan-spiced turkey pie

Have we missed your favourite way to use up Christmas leftovers? Email us at hello@commonsenseorganics.co.nz and we'll add your suggestion to our list of leftover inspiration for next Christmas!