Sustainable Business


The organic movement has a different way of doing business

Our business decisions are directed by a basic respect for our interdependence on the land and its resources.  Our understanding of a sustainable business is based on the Sustainable Business Network definition. One that integrates a good financial return with environmental management and social equity.

Our committments

  • Organically grown food promotes good health and the long term care of our environment
  • Environmentally friendly products are safe for you and safe for the environment
  • Use sustainable materials wherever possible
  • Reduce energy use and increase efficiency
  • Reduce and recycle waste
  • Support Fair Trade
  • Social responsibility  


Sustainability is at the heart of our business and we support other NZ businesses to achieve sustainability through our involvement with the Sustainable Business Network.  In 2010 our Managing Director, Marion Wood, was on the Board of the Central Region Sustainable Business Network (and former Chair) and the Deputy Chair of the National Board. In 2004 Commonsense Organics won the National Sustainable Business Award for medium sized businesses.


In 2012 we reported on the sustainability of our business using the Global Reporting Initiative.

In 2011 – 2012 the company’s greenhouse gas emissions increased from 35.33 tonnes to 83.76 tonnes.  The major reason for this was that the electricity supplier, Meridian, is no longer certified carbon neutral, which is disappointing.   The increased greenhouse gas emissions have been offset by purchasing carbon credits through Carbon Trading Solutions.

Our goals are

  • to achieve zero waste
  • to minimize energy use
  • to reduce our carbon emissions

Sustainability Reports

Every year Commonsense Organics carries out a sustainability report. In these reports we look at how we function as a business and where we can improve to become a more sustainable business. 

Read the full Commonsense Organics 2014 sustainability report.