Workshop: Delicious Food for Your Baby and Toddler (FREE)

16 June 2015, 7:30pm

Brooklyn Kitchen is thrilled to be co-presenting this workshop with Cush Reid naturopath.

Nourishing food prepares young palates for better food choices later on, creates good eating habits and a healthy relationship with food. Smart food choices also help provide a foundation for a calmer personality and a body that's more resistant to illness and allergies. Learn some surprising nutrition truths and advice for overcoming challenges like eczema. Practical tools and recipes for delicious foods for babies and toddlers will also be covered. All recipes are gluten and dairy free.

The session will also include nutritious food ideas for a breast feeding mama. 

Full notes and organic drinks and snacks are provided.
Venue: Commonsense Organics, Bay Rd Kilbirnie.
Cost: Free

This is being offered free to help raise awareness of the Safe Food campaign on dangers of pesticides in our food.

Call Commonsense Organics Kilbirnie to register 387 1751.