Artemis Tea Tasting - Wellington City Store

28 March 2017, 11:00am

Come and try these amazing medicinal teas from Artemis at our Wellington City store! Immuno Boost Tea Artemis Immuno Boost Tea is traditional plant medicine to support your respiratory system. It helps protect the upper respiratory tract from pathogens and irritants. It builds year-round immune resistance and supports immune response. Ingredients: Ainseed, elderflower, linden blossom, plantain, sage and thyme Liver Detox Tea Artemis Liver Detox Tea is traditional plant medicine to support the liver to work efficiently and effectively. It supports normal cholesterol levels, helps with bowel irregularities and sluggishness. A well-functioning liver is essential for good health. Ingredients: calendula, dandelion root, fennel seed, globe artichoke, peppermint and St Mary’s thistle. Both are certified organic. No lactose, gluten, caffeine, artificial flavours, colours, preservatives or GMO used.

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