Aotea Tonics Tasting

25 September 2016, 2:00pm

Come and try these herbal infusions, using native herbs and manuka honey all sourced from Aotea (Great Barrier Is). 

Here's a bit about the 4 different flavours

1. The Kawakawa leaf was traditionally brewed to form a concoction that would settle the stomach, and it's brewed with chamomile and peppermint. 
2. The Kumarahou leaf was traditionally brewed to make a tonic to aid the respiratory system, and this is brewed with fresh ginger and turmeric root. 
3. Tea Tree leaves are similar to eucalyptus, and have been known to clear the sinuses, fight head colds, and this brew also contains ginkgo and ginseng.
4. Horopito leaves are anti-microbial and is brewed with liquorice root and lemon balm. 

All tonics have a about 1 tsp of honey in the bottle, and a twist of fresh citrus.

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